Creating artworks with alcohol ink on Yupo paper is a huge trend at the moment, so we thought we’d share with you how simple and fun it is to do! Yupo paper is a synthetic (tree-free) and 100% recyclable paper that is waterproof, non-porous, smooth and tear-resistant. Its synthetic quality is what sets it apart and  makes it work with alcohol inks in such a magical way. At The Deckle Edge the alcohol inks we stock are in the Copic range (view our Copic Ink Refills online now). There are so many colours to choose from – perfect for this sort of project!

To start out all you need is some Yupo paper and a few Copic Inks.

Start by dropping ink onto the paper. Try to create a variety of circle sizes by squeezing out more or less ink, and try out dropping ink from a great height vs directly onto the paper. You’ll want to build up layers of colour for the best effect. It really is a lot of fun so just experiment – there are no rules here! You can try dropping ink into wet ink puddles and see how the colours blend. Or alternatively layer colours on top of each other once they are dry. Incorporating the Copic colourless blender (or you can use 91% alcohol) in your design can also create interesting effects without adding extra colour.

Keep going until you feel satisfied and then leave your artwork to dry for a few minutes. The creativity doesn’t have to stop there! Many people like to draw and doodle over their ink pattern using fineliners or other markers. You could also add paint, gold leaf, glitter, collage – the possibilities are endless! This is a unique way of creating art – we’ve tried out different inks such as dye-based and acrylic inks but they just don’t have the same effect as alcohol inks. We also tried other papers as you can see below (using HiQ gloss and matt 100 gsm) and it didn’t have quite the same effect.

For more tips and tricks check out this helpful video below:


  1. I did not understand what kind of black pens you use when you are doodling. Are the ones that you use safe to be sprayed with a finishing product when you’re finished with your work? Also, the sharpie white watercolor or water-based pens, are they safe as well? I don’t want anything to smear my work and I want to be able to spray and finish when I’m done as well as put on a UV protector. Thanks so much for your help.

    1. Hi Hilda,

      Apologies for the delay. We would recommend using fineliners that are waterproof and UV resistant such as the Pigma Micron pens or the Unipin fineliners. If your Sharpies are waterproof when dry they should be safe too. Alternatively, you can look into purchasing Posca paint markerss which are waterproof when dry. Its always best to test your products on a piece of scrap paper before the final product – just to make sure there are no issues!

      All the best,
      The Deckle Edge Team

    1. Hi Martha

      That is quite unusual… Was the alcohol ink perhaps mixed with something else? Or was the Yupo surface wetted down?

      Warm regards
      The Deckle Edge Team

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