Painting Art in the park

The Society of South African Artists (SASA) hosts their Art in the Park event twice a year in the first and last quarter of the year, usually in March and November. They invite all the societies within Cape Town’s art communities to partake in this event that is comprised of 75 to 100 eclectic artists.

Selling artists can either have their own stall or share one with another artist, this adds to the diverse magic of the sale, with each stall being a creative microcosm of the artists work. The event is open to members of all skill levels, which visually flows from stall to stall leading each customer into the open arms of the artists eager to discuss their work. Artists are especially welcoming and willing to answer any questions you might have about their work or the societies they belong to.

When artists are not engaged with customers they will often socialise with their neighbors, exchanging a wealth of information or sharing  something to drink. It is an enchanting experience to be part of and provides insight into the camaraderie within the art communities.

If you would like to sell your art at the Art in the Park, you have to be a member of one of Cape Town’s art societies. You can apply for a space through your society, contact details on the website and facebook page  .  And remember, The Deckle Edge offers discounts to local Art society members on presenting their up to date membership cards.

Join one of Cape Town’s many vibrant and supportive art societies and start your art journey today!  Creativity Awaits.


Melanie Meyer Art in the Park





Melanie Mayer had this to say to anyone thinking of attending Art in the Park:

“It’s a great event, you get an amazing variety of art that is here. We have visiting artists from Durban that have come down. And the  variety is from completely photo realistic to abstract realism. Large paintings to small paintings, different mediums, it is very well attended, people appreciate it. The feedback that one gets from the people coming up and down is pretty exciting and usually very positive.”



Eric Karangwa's Painting art in the park 2018






This is Eric Karangwa’s third time participating in Art in the Park, on the subject of community engagement he explains:

“When it gets quiet we get to chat to each other and get to know each other, finding out how they became an artist.”


People at Art in the park



Audrey Innes from SASA encourages anyone to be a part of Art in the Park:

“If you are a budding artist and think; I am not good enough to exhibit, come around and see what it is like to engage with such a wide range of artists. It will build up your confidence. I think that is how I started. You put yourself out there and get really embarrassed when others look at your paintings, you just want to run away and hide but then someone says; I would like that one, thank you very much.”




  1. David FerkolReply

    Good afternoon,
    When we travel we always like to buy art from local artists. We’ve generally found that they display in park areas. Unfortunately, we won’t be there for the Art in the Park event. We will be in Cape Town the last part of April. Is there somewhere you can recommend to look at local artists?
    Thank you,

  2. Aurette DreyerReply

    Hi to whom it may concern

    I would really like to be part of the SASA

    I recently moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg and have fallen in love with the city and its culture even more. I always love art if it’s painting ,sculpture , drawing you will always find a bit of it around any corner of Cape Town.

    I’m a Project Manager, Technical Draugthman and a System designed by day and a Painter by night.

    Please contact me for any details

    Kind regards
    Aurette Dreyer
    082 891 5188
    060 960 6520

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