Baroque Art Gilder's Paste

Baroque Art Gilder’s Paste

Baroque Art Gilder’s Paste is a wonderful medium that can be used across a variety of surfaces to give your projects colour and shine. It can be used on paper, wood, metal, ceramics, granite, concrete, polymer clay, resin, wax (such as on candles) and more! These highly pigmented pastes come in a range of metallic […]



Cotton canvas is a popular surface to paint on for acrylic and oil painters alike. It holds paints well, offers a flexible surface and comes in a variety of sizes (and shapes; like round, triangular and oval in addition to the usual rectangles). At Deckle Edge we stock three main types of cotton canvas: canvas […]

Paper Terminology

Paper terminology

Paper Terminology A deckle edge The ragged or feathered edge on papers is referred to as a deckle edge. Traditionally deckle edges were only found on mold-made papers which were made manually using pulp and a special frame. Nowadays with modern technology, an artificial deckle edge can be produced – as opposed to a straight-cut edge […]