The Iconic BiC Crystal Ballpoint Pen

At The Deckle Edge, we love pens. Our pen range includes fineliners, rollerballs, ballpoints, fountain pens, brush pens, gel pens and technical pens – and we adore them all – but the humble yet mighty BiC Crystal Ballpoint Pen deserves a special mention. It’s the world’s top-selling pen, with over 100 billion sold to date […]

Kitty O Meara Creativity Quote

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Please be assured that we are taking special precautions, and are working hard to ensure the wellbeing of our Deckle team and the wider community of Deckle customers. We are trading our usual hours at both our Salt River and Knysna branches. If you are thinking of paying us a visit, here’s what you need […]

Posca Ink microns pens inktober

Survival guide to Inktober 

One of the world’s biggest drawing challenges is just around the corner and for those of us that have tried taking on the challenge before know it isn’t an easy task. Here is a quick guide to help you get through this epic 31 day adventure into the world of ink with Inktober. #Inktober was […]

close up of canvas weave

Canvas: Linen or Cotton

Cotton or Linen? In today’s day and age canvas is generally made from cotton or linen. Historically canvas was produced from hemp fibers. Canvas is one of the most used substrates for artists to paint on. It is a plain woven fabric  commonly stretched over a wooden frame or panel. Although many artists prefer to […]