Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay

What is polymer clay? Polymer clay is a hugely popular and versatile type of modelling clay. It comes in a wide range of beautiful colours, and can be hardened in a normal home oven to produce a long-lasting and durable piece of art. Once set, it is strong, waterproof and washable. Polymer clay can be […]

Different Types of Glues

Glue Types and Tips

Glue Types and Tips Everybody needs glue from time to time, whether for a creative project or a quick repair around the house. It’s an essential of daily life – and it’s been that way for thousands of years since humans started experimenting with gums and tars. Did you know our South African ancestors 70,000 […]

Schools Discount at The Deckle Edge

Schools, colleges and universities qualify for a discount* at The Deckle Edge! We offer educational institutions a 20% discount on art supplies, graphic materials, paper and more. Apply for your discount by emailing a request on an official institution letterhead to hello@deckleedge.co.za – we can arrange for your discount to be available in-store as well […]

Introduction to Printmaking!

Printmaking is an umbrella term used to describe many different methods of making prints in the art world! In the visual arts there are four main branches of printmaking that we commonly use, namely Relief Printing, Intaglio Printing, Lithography and Serigraphy . It all sounds very technical and can be a bit confusing, but we […]

Dala All-in-One Fabric Dye

Dala All-in-One Powder Fabric Dye

Dala All-in-One Powder Fabric Dye is an affordable, easy, no-mess no-fuss fabric dye. It’s super simple to use and the 25 colours are so vibrant. Prepare to find yourself looking around the house for more things to dye! It works perfectly for natural fibres such as cotton, wool, hemp, rayon, linen, bamboo and more. Just […]

Schmincke Range

Schmincke Range

At The Deckle Edge we stock a huge range of Schmincke products, from paints, inks, pastels and pigments to mediums, varnishes and fixatives. We absolutely love Schmincke, which is why we directly import the range from Germany so local artists can enjoy their products! Schmincke was founded in 1881 and throughout the years, Schmincke has expanded […]

artist painting sneaker

Creative Side Hustle: Custom Sneaker Art

It’s time for the latest in our series about fabulous artists, designers, creatives and hobbyists who are turning their passions into profitable side hustles! What’s the hustle? This week we’re looking at sneaker customisation. More and more, sneaker enthusiasts want to express themselves with unique pieces that reflect their own personality and style. We’re featuring […]