cracker feature

DIY festive crackers

The festive season is upon us and we’re feeling crafty. There is something extra special about handmade gifts, wrapping and cards – and here at The Deckle Edge we’re all about creating DIY goodies! Today we will be showing you how to create your very own festive crackers. You can decorate them any which way […]


Gamblin Oils & Mediums

We are so excited to be the first stockist of Gamblin products on the continent! Gamblin Artist Colors strive to create art materials that are true to historic working properties yet safer and more permanent. They pride themselves on creating oil colours that not only have excellent pigment quality but have a luscious texture too – […]


Jax sealing wax

Wax seals are a fun way to add some vintage charm to your invitations and greeting cards. We stock a range of Jax Wax sealing waxes that either come as a single stick with a wick or in a pack of two “Flexi-wax” sticks that can be used in a glue gun! In this post […]


Aerosol Fixatives

For those who love to work in pencil, charcoal and pastels, fixatives are an important part of ensuring the longevity of their work. Aerosol fixatives are the easiest and most convenient way of setting your work to ensure that it doesn’t smudge, or contaminate other works of art. As most of us know, working in […]

brush care

Brush Care

Paintbrushes are an essential part of many creatives’ tool kits and can often be quite pricey (especially the high quality ones). In order to help you make your brushes last as long as possible, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you look after them! Clean and cared-for brushes retain their shape and strength so it […]

glass stain

Heritage Glass Stain

Glass stain is a wonderful medium to create faux stained glass designs on anything from bottles and jars to wine glasses – and of course flat sheets of glass (which can then be framed). It’s an easy and user-friendly alternative to classic stained glass techniques, which can take years to perfect. How to create your own faux stained […]