Meet the artist behind these exquisite flower paintings.

We got to know Kim Black as the artist who loves painting peonies. Kim finds inspiration in botanical scenes and interiors that catch her attention. You might have even seen some of her gorgeous work adorn the walls of interiors across the Cape.

With her upcoming painting workshop at The Deckle Edge, we asked her more about her art and creative journey and how she used social media to connect her art to the world.

We are looking forward to hosting this wonderful artist and continue to eagerly watch what new projects she may tackle in her creative journey!

Update: Kim has just created two brand new colours for Iris acrylics which she mixed for Iris and named ‘Botanical Bliss‘ and ‘Floral Coral

Read our interview with Kim below and be inspired by her vibrant work.

As a customer of The Deckle Edge, it has been a pleasure to see your art career grow over the years on social media. Can you tell us more about your art journey as a mom of three living in Cape Town?

As a mom of 3 children , I’ve always followed my art passion. Only now that they are grown, do I have much larger quantities of time and can fulfil my role as a full time artist . 

When the kids were younger I did fewer commissions. I also hosted art workshops while they were in school.

We are always amazed at how the small boxes of paints we ship to you turn into these phenomenally large works of art and at the pace you manage to work! How do you keep up the pace?

Getting a box of my ordered paints from The Deckle Edge is always pure joy ! There’s nothing like new tubes of paint to get excited about new projects . Often the boxes arrive with a sticker that says “creativity awaits” !

I mostly do commission work , so I always have a list of clients waiting. My mantra is step by step , day by day – everything gets done in the end . And I learn so much in the doing . 

You are always active on social media and don’t always post about your own art. Can you tell us more about your approach to social media and why you often visit and post about other Cape Town artists?

Social media has been a brilliant platform for me as it truly reaches the world . I have been fortunate to paint for clients in many different countries . I started a Wild Wednesday art chat on Instagram where I interview other artists around me namely @openstudioskommetjie artists . The reason I felt the need was because I realised, often other people are afraid to ask certain questions. Or they haven’t really thought about what and why certain artists do their thing . It demystifies the whole stigma around artists and makes the viewer / listener much more connected and engaged with the work . 

You get everything from acrylic to watersoluable oil paints from The Deckle Edge. Can you tell us more about the mediums and paints that you use and why you like them? 

I mostly order acrylics ( Iris , Lukas , Golden and Cryla ) , and Winsor & Newton water-mixable oils . I’m an asthmatic so I don’t like to use any dangerous chemicals while I work . I use the acrylics for all my base layers and under painting and then the water-mixable on the top as they have such a beautiful consistency . 

We are so excited that your daughter has started an art account on social media @oliviablackart. We love seeing the two of you doing a collaboration and working in the studio together. How has your collective interest in art influenced your relationship?

All my children are very talented and artistic . My son Adam (27) is an animator , My daughter Isabella (24) is very creative and had a polymer clay earring business whilst she studied law . My youngest , Olivia, creates portraits for commissions and sells them while she too studies law . Olivia and I did a collaboration recently in the studio and we really appreciate the memories and fun times doing what we both enjoy ! 

You are hosting a workshop at our Salt River store in Cape Town in September. Tickets sold out in minutes after going live! It is a great testament to your success as an artist. Do you have any advice for other artists that are just starting their careers?

I’m excited to do a workshop on creating florals at The Deckle Edge in September! My advice for younger artists or artists wanting to launch a career is very simple : paint daily , persevere and use social media to let others know who you are and what you do . Be consistent !!!

We absolutely loved doing this interview and hope Kim’s story and art inspires you to follow your passion and share your creations with the world.

To learn more about Kim Black and her artwork, follow her on Instagram: @kimblack_art

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