Following on from last week’s blog post about colouring pencils for adult colouring books, this post focuses on different markers that you can use for colouring as well as adding detail. It is important to remember when using ink-based markers that there is a chance that the ink can seep through your paper! To avoid this be careful to not press too hard or apply to much ink to one area at once – rather work in layers and let the paper dry in between if you are wanting a large solid area of colour. Markers can be used in conjunction with other colouring tools such as pencils and can even be used to add in extra outlines to your colouring book designs!

Stabilo Fineliners are excellent for fine detail and pattern work. Lots of colours to choose from including a few neon colours! These are really fun to use together with other colouring tools to create layers of various techniques. The tips are 0.4mm and thus very fine. This means they are more suited for colouring small areas rather than large areas, where you might notice they create quite a streaky effect. If you love creating detailed patterns you could use these fineliners to create doodles and patterns in between the outlines in the colouring books. There are so many options!

Stablio Fineliners - available as individually pens or in sets of 15 and 30
Stablio Fineliners – available as individual pens or in sets of 15 and 30

Lyra Art Pens are a very exciting product and quite revolutionary – it’s a koki pen that is water soluble! A similar concept to aquarelle pencil crayons, the Art Pens can be used with a brush and water to blend colours and create interesting effects. There is a wide range of colours available (including metallic silver and gold!). Even if you don’t wish to use them with water, they work really nicely for colouring in and adding bright areas of detail.

Lyra Art Pens - available individually or in sets of 12, 24 and 36
Lyra Art Pens – available individually or in sets of 12, 24 and 36

Lastly we thought we’d add in something fun and different that are actually from one of our kiddies ranges but we think they are great for adults too – Glitter markers and Bicolour magic pens! The Giotto Turbo Glitter markers are terrific for adding a touch of glamour and dazzle to your colouring book pages – they colour in just like normal koki pens and leave behind a beautiful shimmer! There are no messy glitter particles to worry about – just beautiful sparkly ink. The Giotto Turbo Bicolour markers are fibre-tip pens with colour-changeable ink and are super fun to use! You just colour in an area and then use the white “magic” pen to draw over what you’ve done and it changes the colour! There are 6 colour markers and two white colour-changer markers. Create interesting patterns and designs with changing colours to add some drama.

Giotto Turbo Glitter - available in sets of 8 | Giotto Turbo Bicolour - available in sets of 8
Giotto Turbo Glitter – available in sets of 8 | Giotto Turbo Bicolour – available in sets of 8

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