Nestled in the heart of Cape Town, The Deckle Edge Art Shop is a haven for creatives and art enthusiasts alike. Our art shop is not just a place to find high-quality art supplies; it’s a community where inspiration flows and creativity is nurtured through a diverse array of workshops. From the mesmerising swirls of Kim Black’s Acrylic Workshop to the delicate folds of Kyoko Morgan’s Origami and Sumi-e sessions, our workshops have become a beacon for those looking to be more creative or refine their artistic skills.

A Palette of Possibilities

Our workshops cater to a diverse range of interests and skill levels. Imagine the beauty you can create in the Resin Jewellery Workshop with Ingrid Wallach, or the soothing strokes of Isabel Crause’s Watercolour sessions. For those who dare to tread a different path, Linden’s Sneaker Painting Workshop offers a canvas like no other. And that’s just the beginning. With Create with Cleo, dive into the vintage art forms of Cyanotype, Monotype, Polaroid, and Collage, or try your hand at Eco Scarf Printing with Sanet Visser.

The calligraphy elegance brought to life by Leesette Turner, the abstract wonders in Karen Dennyschene’s Golden Mixed Media Abstract, or the tactile satisfaction of Lino Printing with Tarryn Robinson – each workshop is a gateway to new skills and inspirations. And for those who yearn to connect with their inner self, Katherine Horn’s Intuitive Line Drawing Workshop offers a journey worth embarking on.

More Than Just a Workshop

Our workshops are more than just classes; they’re experiences. Set predominantly on Saturday mornings, these sessions are a perfect artist’s date with oneself. Imagine a space where like-minded individuals gather, a community where creativity isn’t just encouraged – it’s celebrated. Each workshop is an opportunity to step out of your daily routine and into a flow state where time stands still, and your creative spirit soars.

The advantages of participating in these creative workshops surpass merely acquiring a new skill. They encompass connection, inspiration, and the genuine joy of creation. Being in a flow state during these sessions not only elevates your mood but also improves your overall well-being. Moreover, there are additional benefits – refreshments to sustain your creative energy and a 10% shopping coupon for every participant. This allows you to purchase the art supplies you need to continue creating with the newfound knowledge and skills you’ve taken home.

A Space Transformed

Margot, driven by her strong passion and love for art, has turned The Deckle Edge Workshop space into something special. Each workshop is carefully themed and includes a display of art supplies related to the workshop, making the experience even more engaging and inspiring creativity. Here, you’re not just going to a workshop; you’re entering a world designed around the art you’re about to explore. If you don”t know, Margot will be the lady that is running around during the workshop working super hard to make sure eveything is just right for all those attending on the day.

Expanding Horizons

Excitingly, our creative journey is branching out to our Knysna store, bringing the Deckle Edge experience to even more art enthusiasts. Imagine the possibilities with Bev Barrends’ Charcoal and Graphite workshops, or the unique art of Gyotaku Fish Rubbings with Fawa Conradie. And for those captivated by the fluidity of colours, Faith du Plessis’s upcoming Watercolour workshops are not to be missed. Book a Knysna Deckle Edge Workshop

Knysna Girl Paint Party
Deckle Knysna Girl Paint Party
Knysna Workshop Bev Barrends
Deckle Knysna Drawing Workshop with Bev Barrends
Knysna Workshop Bev Barrends
Knysna Workshop Bev Barrends

What Some Workshop Attendees Say

In the enchanting world of resin, participants like Edwina reveled in creating their own rings in the Resin Workshop, and Karyn commended the excellent teaching in the Resin Jewellery Workshop. Louise’s experience in the UV Resin Workshop was both enjoyable and enlightening, thanks to the engaging instruction. Marion found this Workshop with Ingrid Wallach to be a relaxing and informative introduction to new techniques.

Isabel Crause’s watercolour workshops have been a source of inspiration and creativity. Julia enjoyed the freedom and creativity in the Intuitive Watercolour Botanicals Workshop, while Ivan was impressed by Isabel’s ability to convey her passion and knowledge in an inspiring and interactive manner. Debbie praised Isabel as an exceptional teacher during her workshop on the 22nd of July.

Isabel Crause Watercolour Workshop at The Deckle Edge
Isabel Crause Watercolour Workshop
Isabel Crause Watercolour Workshop at The Deckle Edge
Isabel Crause Watercolour Workshop
Isabel Crause Watercolour Workshop at The Deckle Edge
Isabel Crause Watercolour Workshop at The Deckle Edge

Create with Cleo’s sessions, known for their innovative content, have also received high praise. Paula appreciated Cleo’s practical and creative teaching approach in the Cyanotype workshop. Shannon enjoyed the historical insights and the hands-on experience in the same workshop, finding it very interesting. Linda was fascinated by the magical development process in cyanotype printing, and Lisa enjoyed the mix of theory and practice, facilitated effectively by Cleo.

Cyanotype Workshop Create With Cleo The Deckle Edge
Cyanotype Workshop Create With Cleo The Deckle Edge

The art of calligraphy has also captivated many of our participants. Shari loved the ample practice time and the brief yet informative introduction in the Italic Calligraphy workshop, praising Leesette’s knowledge and teaching style. Janine found the interactive nature and fluid structure of the calligraphy class particularly engaging. Pieter’s experience in the Italics Calligraphy workshop was transformative, highlighting Leesette’s expertise and the welcoming, creative environment she fostered.

Kim Black’s workshops have equally stood out for their engaging content and approachable teaching style. Denise highlighted the well-organised and friendly atmosphere, while Nicole appreciated the different challenges that encouraged a more relaxed approach to art. Amber enjoyed the pencil drawing exercises and the focus on a limited colour palette, which provided valuable insights into colour mixing. Karla commended the relaxed atmosphere and the clear, organized presentation of content, which made learning easy and enjoyable.

Join Our Creative Community

The Deckle Edge offers so much more than just an art shop experience; it’s a community, a creative sanctuary where every artist, whether beginner or seasoned, can find something to ignite their passion. Our workshops sell out fast, a testament to the vibrant community we’ve built and the insatiable appetite for creativity in Cape Town and beyond.

Katherine Horn Line Drawing Workshop Deckle Edge
Katherine Horn – Line Drawing Workshop
Lino Eatery Workshop Deckle Edge
Happy student attending a Lino workshop with Tarryn from Lino Eatery
Deckle Edge - Workshop refreshments
Deckle Edge – Workshop refreshments

So, whether you’re looking to improve your skills, learn something new, or simply take a well-deserved artist’s date with yourself, The Deckle Edge has something for you. Join us in this creative journey, where each brush stroke, each fold, each print is a step towards discovering the boundless realms of your creativity. See what workshops I can attend

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