Baroque Art Gilder's Paste

Baroque Art Gilder’s Paste

Baroque Art Gilder’s Paste is a wonderful medium that can be used across a variety of surfaces to give your projects colour and shine. It can be used on paper, wood, metal, ceramics, granite, concrete, polymer clay, resin, wax (such as on candles) and more! These highly pigmented pastes come in a range of metallic […]

Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling

Paper quilling (also known as paper filigree) is an art that has been around for hundreds of years. It involves rolling thin strips of paper and then molding them into various shapes. At The Deckle Edge we sell precut strips of paper specifically for quilling, but you can, of course, cut your own; giving you […]

Emboss Craft Metal

Embossing with craft metal

In this blog post we’ll be showing you step by step how to create an embossed design for a mini notebook cover. You can, however, use craft metal to create embossed designs and patterns for just about anything – fridge magnets, labels for jars, embellishments for greeting cards, decorative boxes and more. Follow along here to […]

Bostik Crazy Clay

Bostik Crazy Clay – “the world’s softest, lightest clay” is air-drying, crack-free and safe for kids (non-toxic). It can be stretched, shaped, mixed and it even bounces. It’s great for both kids and adults to use and doesn’t stain hands. You can create basic shapes such as balls and cubes or more detailed sculptures – […]

How to use imitation metallic leaf

Gold leaf is an amazing way to add shiny gold details to just about anything! While genuine gold leaf can be costly and scary to use (mostly just because of the price), imitation gold leaf is relatively inexpensive and simple to use. It can be put on to almost anything from canvas and wood panels to […]

DIY festive crackers

DIY festive crackers

The festive season is upon us and we’re feeling crafty. There is something extra special about handmade gifts, wrapping and cards – and here at The Deckle Edge we’re all about creating DIY goodies! Today we will be showing you how to create your very own DIY festive crackers. You can decorate them any which […]

Jax sealing wax

Wax seals are a fun way to add some vintage charm to your invitations and greeting cards. We stock a range of Jax Wax sealing waxes that either come as a single stick with a wick or in a pack of two “Flexi-wax” sticks that can be used in a glue gun! In this post […]