It’s time for the latest in our series about fabulous artists, designers, creatives and hobbyists who are turning their passions into profitable side hustles!

What’s the hustle?

This week we’re looking at sneaker customisation. More and more, sneaker enthusiasts want to express themselves with unique pieces that reflect their own personality and style.

We’re featuring the talented artists at Linden’s Customs and $neaker Ink. We hope their stories inspire you to start thinking about your own side hustle!

Since The Deckle Edge started stocking the iconic Angelus Leather Paint range, we’ve seen so many great artists using the paint and we’re blown away by their creativity! If you’re interested in finding out more about Angelus, we have a handy Angelus blog post you can read.

Featured Hustle: $neaker Ink

$neaker Ink started in 2018 when a creative soon-to-be custom sneaker artist was looking to get their own custom sneakers commissioned. They saw a gap in the market and decided to jump right in.

What started as a one-person hustle became a great collective of friends who now offer bespoke custom sneaker design, sneaker cleaning and restoration!

The $neaker Ink team have been using Angelus Leather Paint since they started out. In the past they had to import the paints, but now Angelus is available right here at The Deckle Edge.

Visit their Instagram to see more of their awesome work.

Featured Hustle: Linden’s Customs

Linden has a love for drawing, design and sneakers. He started his custom sneaker side hustle in April 2020 and today is the proud pioneer of Linden’s Customs.

With Linden’s talent and hand-painting skills, he brings his clients’ dream kicks to life!

We love the attention to detail he brings to his work.

Connect with Linden on social media here: Instagram / Facebook – he has some great tips to share, like how to paint fabrics with Angelus.

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