Stay safe, keep creating.

The past year has posed changes and challenges and we are in awe watching artists and designers respond with brilliant solutions. 

Our creative communities have always been resilient and adaptable. We’re not surprised that so many of you have risen to the occasion and turned your creativity into beautiful small businesses and side hustles!

We want to pay tribute to you with this series about creative side hustles.

What’s the hustle?

This week we’re looking at Polymer Clay Jewelry, featuring Cynthia Edwards as well as our very own Marie Rutter. We hope their stories inspire you to start thinking about your own side hustles!

Polymer clay is a great medium. It is affordable and needs very little setup to get going. It is soft enough to mould with your hands. And unlike most clays, you can bake it in your home oven! If you want to learn more about how to use polymer clay, read our Polymer Clay Blog.

Featured Hustle: Cynthia Edwards

Cynthia founded Lichen & Leaf and is based in Cape Town. 

Originally a Fine Art graduate, she has since been drawn to the world of crafts and making due to an underlying passion for skill-based process.

Initially she specialised in block-printed fabrics, Cynthia has since added focus in ceramics and polymer clay jewelry. 

We love her work! Check out her website and Instagram to see more of her exquisite creations!

Featured Hustle: Marie Rutter

If you follow us on Instagram you would have seen our lovely Marie talk about her polymer clay tips and tricks. Being a creative and curious person, Marie started experimenting with polymer clay last year. She has since honed her skills and craft to hand make beautiful jewelry of her own designs!

We are so proud of Marie! She is a self taught artist that turned her creative drive into a side hustle so she could continue her passion of making!

Watch Marie in action below and check out her Instagram page for more inspiration!

Watch Marie talk about her tips and tricks here.

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