Dala All-in-One Powder Fabric Dye is an affordable, easy, no-mess no-fuss fabric dye. It’s super simple to use and the 25 colours are so vibrant. Prepare to find yourself looking around the house for more things to dye!

It works perfectly for natural fibres such as cotton, wool, hemp, rayon, linen, bamboo and more. Just mix the powder with hot water, stir well and you’re ready to start dyeing.

It’s amazing how deep and rich these colours are, like the Process Blue we used in our test. Don’t be fooled by the white colour of the powder, these dyes pack a punch.

The colour chart is helpful, but if you’re undecided between two colours we recommend testing both. These dyes are so affordable – you’re free to explore and experiment!

You can even mix colours to create your own, if you’re feeling inspired.

TIP: Dip a white tissue or cotton bud into the dye mix before you start, to check you’re happy with the colour.

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