Brand new to The Deckle Edge is a wonderful range of inks by Diamine. These inks are imported from Diamine in the UK who have been manufacturing inks since 1864 (that’s over 150 years)!

Fountain Pen Ink:
Their non-toxic fountain pen inks are water-soluble and dye-based and can be used in a variety of ways. Firstly, they are fantastic for fountain pens and because of their gentle formula can be used with any brand of pen. These inks are non-waterproof and thus won’t clog up your fountain pen and their special ingredients allows the ink to write smoothly and with intense colour. Diamine offers probably the widest range of colour inks for fountain pens in the world! Not only are their colours diverse, but they are rich and vibrant too. You can choose from various traditional colours such as blues, blacks and browns or a range of dozens of more contemporary colours – including purples, oranges and greens. While these inks may be labelled “Fountain Pen” you can use them with dip pens and reed pens too, or even just use them to paint with! The possibilities are endless with these beautiful colours. The range of fountain pen ink is available to view in our online shop. In the below photos, we’ve played with Diamine Havusu Turquoise and Diamine Pumpkin Orange.

Calligraphy & Drawing Ink:
We also stock a small range of the Diamine Calligraphy & Drawing ink which is a waterproof, pigment-based acrylic ink. While this can be used with dip pens and brushes, it should not be used with fountain pens as it can clog the pen. These ink also work well for illustrations as once the ink has dried it becomes waterproof, allowing for layering of colours.

Registrar’s Ink
This is traditional ink is blue-black in colour and based on an iron-gall formula – one of the oldest formulas for ink in the world. Iron-gall inks can be traced back almost 1500 years! Registrar’s ink is permanent and archival and will remain visible for hundreds of years. For this reason, many of the world’s historic documents have been written in this ink.

diamine stand

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