Working on a lightbox is super useful if you’d like to trace an image such as a rough sketch before adding the final line work. No need to worry about untidy pencil lines underneath! The illuminated surface is translucent, allowing the light to pass through and making your tracing work so much easier and more […]

Schmincke Aero Color Inks

Schmincke’s Aero Color range offers liquid acrylic inks that are highly pigmented and lightfast. These inks can be applied using brushes, dip pens & technical pens, the Schmincke Aero Color liners (empty markers which can be filled with ink) or with an airbrush. Aero Color inks have been  formulated to work especially well in airbrushes […]


Scraperboard, or scratch board, is a drawing medium that is traditionally a black-coated board with a white layer beneath. We also stock some beautiful specialty scraperboards with gold, copper or silver substrates – as well as a rainbow version! A wide variety of drawing techniques can be used on scraperboard to give various effects such as cross […]

Copic Markers

Copic markers are world-famous alcohol markers that have been iconic favourites among creative professionals for decades. What makes them so massively popular? Copic markers are refillable, ergonomic, ultra blendable and made with the highest grade materials There are 3 different marker types with various nib options They come in a huge range of vibrant colours […]

Diamine Inks

Brand new to The Deckle Edge is a wonderful range of inks by Diamine. These inks are imported from Diamine in the UK who have been manufacturing inks since 1864 (that’s over 150 years)! Fountain Pen Ink: Their non-toxic fountain pen inks are water-soluble and dye-based and can be used in a variety of ways. Firstly, they are fantastic for […]