Emboss Craft Metal

In this blog post we’ll be showing you step by step how to create an embossed design for a mini notebook cover. You can, however, use craft metal to create embossed designs and patterns for just about anything – fridge magnets, labels for jars, embellishments for greeting cards, decorative boxes and more. Follow along here to get a basic understanding of the material and how to use it.


step1To get started you’ll need to gather all your materials and come up with a sketch or design that you’d like to emboss.

What you will need:
– craft metal
– a softcover magazine (to press on)
– embossing tools or ball point pen
– glue (we used Bostik Clear)
– tape (we used Washi tape)
– something to decorate with your embossed design (we used a plain notebook)
– Very fine grit sand paper (400 grit or finer)

Once you have your materials and sketch ready, stick your design to the back of your craft metal using tape. Using a ballpoint, with medium pressure draw over your design to imprint the outlines into the metal. Remember that your design on the front side will come out in reverse!


step2With your outlines imprinted into the metal, you can begin to work with your embossing tools to creating deeper lines. The harder you press, the deeper the lines will be. You will need to press on a magazine or something similar as a soft underground. Embossing tools come with different size heads which will give you lines of varying thickness and depth. A fine-tip ballpoint pen works great for fine details, or as an alternative to embossing tools. Once the design has been completed you can trim the edges with scissors to match the size of your item you wish to stick it onto. Just be careful of the sharp metal edges!


step3To prepare the metal for gluing, you with need to give it a light sand as this will help the glue to bond. Once firmly stuck down, use your sandpaper to lightly sand over your embossed lines, being careful not to scratch away colour on the surrounding area. Sanding the lines will help to make your design stand out more.

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