Childhood development through arts & crafts

Creative expression is wonderful for a child’s mental, emotional, and physical growth. Doing arts and crafts not only sparks the imagination, but also improves cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, and emotional wellbeing. For parents and caregivers, providing the right art supplies for children helps nurture their creativity, and sets them up for a lifelong journey of discovering their own creative voice.

6 Must-Have Art Supplies for Pre-Primary Kids

  1. Wax Crayons: The easy-to-grip design of wax crayons enhances fine motor skills in pre-primary kids, promoting proper pencil grasp and coordination.
  2. Large Paper Rolls: The availability of affordable, large paper rolls encourages expansive, uninhibited creativity, allowing children to explore and express their ideas on a bigger canvas.
  3. Finger Paints: Finger paints stimulate sensory exploration, fostering a tactile connection with art as children experiment with different textures and colours.
  4. Craft Supplies (Pom-poms, Chenille Sticks, Felt): Craft supplies such as pom-poms, chenille sticks, and felt enhance creativity and imagination, enabling children to add unique and tactile elements to their artworks.
  5. Apron: An apron protects children’s clothing, instilling a sense of independence and responsibility as they learn to manage and take care of their materials during artistic activities.
  6. Powder Tempera: Powder tempera adds versatility to artistic expression, allowing children to experiment with different painting techniques and create vibrant, visually appealing artworks.
  7. Brushes: Larger brushes help little ones refine motor skills, experiment with strokes, and nurture a love for painting and creativity.

A Few Must-Have Art & Stationery Supplies for Primary School Kids:

  1. Basic Coloured Pencils: These pencils provide a versatile and essential tool for pre-primary children, encouraging creativity and fine motor skill development through the exploration of colour.
  2. Glue Stick: A glue stick is a practical companion, fostering hands-on learning as children engage in various craft activities, attaching and creating with ease.
  3. Sketch Pad or Notebook: A sketch pad or notebook serves as a blank canvas for young artists, offering a dedicated space for drawing, doodling, and expressing ideas.
  4. Exam Pads and General Stationery Books: Essential for early learning, these stationery books, including exercise books, counter books, and nature study books, support foundational skills in writing, numeracy, and observation.
  5. HB Graphite Pencil: The HB graphite pencil is a fundamental tool for pre-primary children, aiding in writing and drawing tasks while developing control and precision.
  6. Ruler, Sharpener, Eraser: These stationery staples – ruler, sharpener, and eraser – equip young learners with the necessary tools for accurate measurements, maintaining pencil points, and making corrections.
  7. Kokis: Adding a burst of vibrant colours to artistic projects, kokis inspire creativity and add a playful touch to drawings and crafts.
  8. Acrylic Paints and Suitable Brushes: Acrylic paints and brushes open the door to more advanced artistic exploration, allowing pre-primary children to experiment with different painting techniques and express themselves on a broader scale.
  9. Pencil Case, Chair Bag, and Book Bag: These organisational essentials help instill responsibility and organization as children keep their stationery, personal belongings, and books neatly stored and easily accessible.

Must-Have Art Supplies for Secondary School Kids:

  1. Sketching Pencils in Various Grades: Varied grades of sketching pencils offer high school students the flexibility to experiment with shading, line thickness, and texture, enhancing their drawing skills and allowing for more nuanced artistic expressions.
  2. Good Quality Multi-Media Paper: High-quality multi-media paper provides a sturdy and adaptable surface for various art projects, ensuring durability and versatility for high school students working with different mediums.
  3. Canvas Panels or Stretched Canvas: Working with canvas panels or stretched canvas introduces high school students to a professional and lasting medium for their artwork, fostering a sense of accomplishment and encouraging the exploration of larger-scale projects.
  4. Good Quality Coloured Pencils: Quality coloured pencils bring vibrancy and precision to high school students’ artwork, allowing for intricate detailing and the creation of visually stunning pieces.
  5. Fineliners: Fineliners provide high school artists with the precision required for fine lines and intricate details, enhancing their ability to create intricate designs and refined drawings.
  6. Good Quality Acrylic and Oil Paints and Brushes: High-quality acrylic and oil paints, along with suitable brushes, offer students the opportunity to delve into advanced painting techniques, fostering a deeper understanding of color mixing, layering, and texture.
  7. Markers: Markers serve as a versatile tool for high school students, enabling them to explore bold lines, vibrant colors, and different drawing styles, expanding their artistic range and providing a dynamic element to their projects.

Primary School Testimonial
“I placed an order with The Deckle Edge at the start of the year through Carmen and Marie in the Cape Town branch. I live in Zambia and work at a small primary school in a very remote area; it was hard to get an idea of the products as I was not able to visit the store in person, but both Carmen and Marie have been very helpful in sending me photos of the items they recommended, and they spent a long time helping me to fulfill and complete the order until I was satisfied with the product selection. This efficient and warm customer service is what makes all the difference for me, and it will ensure my continued support of the business. I am very happy with the high quality and standard of the products themselves, as well as the affordable pricing. Thank you to the team at The deckle edge for ensuring such a high standard and efficient service every time! ”  Mika Marffy

Selecting the right art supplies is key to fostering creativity and learning. At The Deckle Edge Art and Stationery store, our experienced staff is here to assist, guiding you in finding the ideal supplies for your child’s level and your budget. Let’s embark on this adventure together, laying the foundation for your child’s lasting love of creative communication, exploration, and fun!

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