Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens

What makes the Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens unique is that they contain India ink. This means that the pigments are strong and the ink is extremely lightfast. Lightfastness is indicated on the barrel of the pen using asterisks: *** = maximum (100+ years),  ** = very good (25+ years), * = good (5+ years). The lightfastness can vary from colour to colour depending on the pigments used in the ink. PITT Artist Pens are excellent for mixed media work, such as with watercolour and other inks, because they are waterproof and permanent so they won’t smudge or bleed. They are also odourless, acid-free and pH neutral – meaning they’re not only a dream to work with, but your work will last a lifetime if properly cared for! These pens are great for sketching, drawing, bullet journaling, fine detail, adult colouring books and more; and are popular among both beginners and professionals. They are available in a variety of colours and multiple nib sizes ranging from super-fine to medium in the fineliner tip; and options of brush and bullet tips too. For ease of identification, the nib size is displayed on the pen body as well as on the cap .

From left to right, XS = 0.1mm, S = 0.3mm, F = 0.5mm, M = 0.7mm, B = brush width, SC = soft calligraphy nib, SB = soft brush nib, 1.5 = 1.5mm bullet nib.

As Faber-Castell puts it: “In many countries, ink drawings have a very long history among artists. Their expressive power, covering properties, resistance to aging as well as the possibility of combining them with many other painting techniques have always made this medium interesting for artists and graphic designers. Faber-Castell has brought together all of the advantages of drawing in Indian ink in a modern and uncomplicated disposable pen – the PITT artist pen. The high-quality brush point works both straight and bent without breaking. While the light colours are transparent and, thus, well-suited to varnishing techniques, the dark colours have good covering qualities. PITT artist pens have unsurpassed lightfastness and the individual colours are marked with an asterisk-based code.”


Set of 4 Warm Tones with a nib size S which equates to about 0.3mm line width. Colours from top to bottom: Orange Glaze, Deep Scarlet Red, Middle Purple Pink & Magenta.


Set of 4 Cool Tones with a nib size S which equates to about 0.3mm line width. Colours from top to bottom: May Green, Cobalt Green, Pthalo Blue & Indanthrene Blue.

Note: PITT artist pens should be stored horizontally to ensure best performance, consistency and longevity. If the ink appears darker than it should, store the pen horizontally or tip up for a day or two until ink returns to normal.


  1. Laurel HolmesReply

    These are amazing pens – the line is very consistent. And with Faber-Castell, you know what you are getting. Reliable brand.

  2. Wedaad IsaacsReply

    My son and I both enjoy drawing and we LOVE Faber-Castell as it offers great products and production options. The quality of markers as well as the lifespan offer great value for ones money indeed!

    Thank you Faber-Castell!

  3. eurikaReply

    Faber Castell is the best quality pens ever! The pencil range as well. I bought another brand but soon learnt an expensive lesson.


    The Faber Castell brand speaks to me of high quality, reliability and an excellent range of colours and nibs. I just love the feel of these and would be over the moon to win a whole set!

  5. Tallulah HabibReply

    I love Faber-Castell’s pigmentation. I have their albrecht durer watercolour pencils and you only need a single layer to get a very vivid look.

  6. sharyn seidel kometzReply

    When I come in to Deckle Edge, I hover around the pen section literally drooling over the Faber Castell collection of pens! Having used them from the age of 12 and now being 58, is a true testament to the quality this brand has maintained for me for over 40 years!

  7. Val MyburghReply

    I’m a professional illustrator and my go to choice of medium is the Faber Castell pen. I didn’t know that they have brought out coloured pens but those will certainly be at the top of my list for my next art shop visit!

  8. Neale PerringReply

    Love doing ink drawings and FABER-CASTELL PITT ARTIST PENS answer my every need in this medium, thank you for the range.

  9. Allison BrennanReply

    Faber çastell is the best because they have a variety of colours and brush tips that suite every artists needs i dont know what i would do without this brand

  10. JanickeReply

    I have been using Faber-Castell since a child and have never been disappointed in the quality or even the price. Because of this, my son is also a Faber-Castell user as i trust the brand. This is primarily why i love it! The FABER-CASTELL PITT ARTIST PENS is however new to me but would love to try this out 🙂

  11. Barbara Becker ArtReply

    Hi there
    As an artist who creates fine detailed drawings and mixed media paintings, I find the fine tip and colour strength of the Faber-Castell pens to be the quality I want in my works. The fine tip is great for high pattern detail. I’ve been using Faber-Castell for years; that on its own is testament to their quality!
    Barbara Becker Art

  12. TheresaReply

    Faber-Castell has been synonymous with creativity for me since childhood. The excitement of getting new pens, pencils, markers is just as fresh for me now as it was at school! I have been looking for a good brush pen, so am looking forward to trying out this range.

  13. Hannelie ParkesReply

    Faber-Castell stationary talks to my hands via my soul in sweet romantic words or creativity. They make me feel special and loved!!!

  14. ZahnReply

    I first fell in love with Faber Castell at the ripe age of 4, their vivid colours entranced me as I sat for hours and hours working on my then ‘masterpiece’. Now 11 years later I’ve been experimenting with every Faber Castell product I could get my hands on and these pens are definitely next on my list 😉

  15. Astrid von BruckenReply

    I love Faber Castell as I associate it with a lineage of noblemen and women who, once upon a time, owned a castle in Germany. Around this time there was a princess who was also an artist. Her suitor, the Prince of Faber Castell traveled far and wide to find the best quality inks. In India he found the ink and back in Germany he won her heart. He presented himself and the precious art materials and she drew many beautiful portraits of him that have lasted to this day… a 100years later.

  16. Diana HunterReply

    Faber-Castell is a name I have known virtually my whole life. As my passion for art has grown over the years, so has my use of Faber-Castell products and the huge diversity and choices of products offered . I live this new range and can wait to get some for my new series of ink drawings

  17. AbigailReply

    Such a great competition! I don’t think I can win since I’ve been a winner previously but I have to just say I love Faber Castell pens and, having tried many brands of fineliners, think these are the best. Specifically that they contain India ink which is the most lightfast ink that exists – really important if you are wanting to use them in actual artwork that lasts vs just sketches/ stuff for scanning. I also find all the brush types of nibs much easier to use than other brands and with very good elasticity/ bounce-back and don’t fray. The top artist pens! ?

  18. Chantelle VenterReply

    It’s Faber Castell…. Need I say more. You know you are getting top quality products from this German brand. I’ve been using their products since my collage days… Many many years ago. The variety of nibs also give you a range of textures while creating your artwork. Will always be my go to brand 🙂

  19. TrudiReply

    I have always associated Faber-Castell with good quality…when I was younger I loved their colour pencils and now I love their black markers. I am also very excited to try out different coloured markers as reviewed in the blog posts and imagine that it would be really amazing using them in mixed media pieces / combining them with watercolour….

  20. PaulaReply

    These pens are of superior quality and a brand that has stood the test of time. They are so easy to use, with a smooth fluid like ease .

  21. Lindy du ToitReply

    I have used Faber-Castell pencils and erasers most of my life. Also their art markers. I find they are always of superior quality. I am sure the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens will be of an equally high standard. I was just wondering if they are refillable?

    • MeganReply

      Hi Lindy

      Thanks for your message. The PITT pens are disposable rather than refillable. They do last a long time though!

      Warm regards

      The Deckle Edge Team

  22. EllenReply

    Well, I am a confessed pen/pencil/marker addict, (they always fit don’t they…). The Faber-Castell line is perfect for fine detailed drawings. As a miniaturist it is important to be able to have the colour, light fastness and detail that these pens offer. Sadly, I don’t have all of them (!) but the ones I do have get used a lot. So far, they are marking as well as they did when I bought them and the colour is still as strong as ever. I do recommend not only the Faber-Castell line but also Deckle Edge to my fellow miniaturists and other artists.

  23. FARRENReply

    These Faber-Castell PITT Pens look seriously amazing…. especially love the variety of stroke size. Have an ongoing a love affair with fineliner pens, these look like the Crème de la crème. Constantly on the lookout for new media for my sketches and artworks, so will be looking into these for sure.

  24. Andre van WykReply

    Faber-Castell is the pinnacle of quality. I love every product they make. Whenever I try a new medium, I try to get it in Faber-Castell.

  25. DeborahReply

    What is not love, brilliant brand love the pens. In the last year or so I have settled into pen and ink drawing and Faber-Castell is my brand of choice.

  26. berenice meltzReply

    Have always known Faber-Castell to be of the best quality. As I paint in mixed media, and am always experimenting in new products, I would love to own a set of these pens.

  27. JanetReply

    Faber-Castell is quality. Quality nibs like no other, quality, colourfast ink and superb pens which are well balanced and therefore extra comfortable to work with. These look simply amazing!


    Faber – Castell are the best….whats amazing is that anyone will be comfortable using them!!!!

  29. PippaReply

    Oh boy! SO MUCH TO PLAY WITH! I am currently busy with my first children’s picture book and have found Faber-Castell to be my “ol’ faithful” – whether it be pens, aquarell /polychromos pencils or soft pastels. It’s a brand I can always count on when I need consistent quality. My mouth is just watering looking at these pens and thinking of all the fun I could have – even using them in the book!

  30. LynnReply

    Wow, what a lot of positive feedback! Obviously everyone wants such a bright and beautiful gift of inspiration! Me too! Your blogs are very helpful and interesting, always worth reading. And visiting your shop a treat!

  31. VonnaReply

    I’ve been using these pens for several years now and really enjoy their versatility. It would be great to be able to buy pens singly, in addition to the sets.My Indanthrene blue is the first to finish. 🙂

  32. Natasja Brand-MasonReply

    The very first set of artists pencil I had as a child was Faber Castell. Now 38 years later they are still delivering the goods and have proven to be a product worth trusting that consistently deliver a product of the highest quality. I really look forward to using my new pens, thanks so much : )

  33. Elaine C HattinghReply

    I always start with the best quality; i.e. Faber-Castell., and only end up with the best, desired effect. Excellent value for money.

  34. MoniqueReply

    I really love these pens because you can use it to make your drawing stand out with all the fine details that you get to do with it <3 x It just makes everything look better 🙂 x

  35. CornelReply

    To me Faber-Castell stands for quality, durability and a wide range to choose from. As an architect, my father used Faber-Castell pencils daily, I used the pencils and colour pencils in school and now my two daughters, both art students at Stellenbosch, make use of the pencils and pens. Three generations, what better testimonial can a product have!

  36. PetaReply

    These pens and pencils are reminders of the child still inside of me, love the quality of the pens and the versatility of the pencils!

  37. KylieReply

    I love Faber-Castells! I love the look of their products, and I’m always impressed with the quality of their products!! They never fails to impress me with whatever it is they’re producing! As a new artist I get so excited when I walk into the deckle edge and see such a great range of their products 😀

  38. MaikeReply

    I absolutely love using Faber-Castell products. My favourite media is watercolour combined with Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens which contain India ink. The permanent waterproof ink means that I can add an amount of detail I would otherwise be unable to achieve. This pigment quality is simply unmatched!

  39. Victoria CouryReply

    I love Farber Castell as they have high quality products. They are vibrant, are long lasting and easy to use. They offer a wide range of products and are always my go to brand when purchasing art supplies.

  40. Fahima IqtidarReply

    The Faber-Castell brand is a superior quality brand with products that takes art work to a much higher level with their amazing range.

    I would love to add these pens to my collection for when I’m on bed rest and just need to focus on something else other than my health. Issues.

  41. Keshia De WetReply

    For my newfound calligraphy hobby, these beauties would be amazing to add to my collection.

    Thinking back, I actually used Faber-Castell colouring pencils as a child at primary school.

    It is certainly a trusted brand!!!

  42. Lyn NorthamReply

    An Urban Sketcher about to spend 2 months at the Cite des Internationales in Paris in April and May 2018 , I drewl at the blue green set- Imagine the possibilities together with water colours !!
    The black Faber Castell brush pen is my go to, for all my mini Notan design sketches before Plein air painting.
    Its all about planning!!
    A great blog to keep us in the loop, material wise-thank you.

  43. CarlyReply

    As an artist I always try to use the best quality products and faber-castell are always a go to. The range of shades and sizes are fantastic

  44. MareliseReply

    Since pre-school my mom always believed that no matter how much Faber-Castel cost, it was always the best coloring pencils to use. Thus I grew up with Faber-Castel. I’ve never doubted her opinion on this product, now I’m studying architecture at UCT and still Faber-Castel pulled through to being my most trustworthy pens! I also kind of have an obsession with collecting nice pens and to draw beautiful things with them is a bonus!!

  45. Althea HarrisReply

    I’ve always loved Faber-Castell. And has always been my go to brand for all my pens. I love hand lettering, and Faber-Castell has always been part of my stationary family, I love the quality and how long it lasts, I’ve never tried the colors, but it would be a awesome way for me to to have color in my type, with out going digital. Such an amazing brand, and have always recommended it to all my designer friends

  46. Deanne HerbertReply

    They remind me of my childhood! I used to have one of those flat, square tins with the coloured pencils and it was my prized possession! The teal green was gorgeous…

  47. AustenReply

    I have the 72 Polychromos pencil set, set of graphite pencils, lead for my clutch pencils and a set of pitt pastel pencils on its way.. I even have 2 Faber-Castell pencil sharpeners – haha.
    I love Faber-Castell because they are German and I have a soft spot for all things German and they make really great stuff – good quality!
    I love that they produce such a large variety of items too.

    p.s – I don’t have these pens… yet.
    But they look fantastic!

  48. Hannah GordonReply

    I love Faber-Castell because of the great quality and durability that comes with every product they make. Faber-Castell’s pursuit of perfection is evident in their art supplies, I love them for this.

  49. Eva FaerchReply

    I love Faber-Castell, because it has such a wide range of mediums and caters for all creative spectrums. I really love their India ink pens and the fact the nibs vary from really thin to thick. Faber-Castell is heaven for any artist!

  50. GenReply

    Faber-Castell is synonymous with quality and creative expertise – it is so fantastic to see this amazing set of PITT Pens. Faber-Castell are really covering all bases in terms of need for mark-making and colour pens – whether I want to illustrate, design, do typography, sketch or write out my extensive admin list, this set will be perfect.

  51. Kristan WoodReply

    I’ve loved Faber-Castell since I started using their products in primary school! You always received oohs and ahhs from your peers when Faber-Castell was found in your pencil bag ?? would love to win these as I love adult colouring and hand-lettering!


    Perfect way to get children interested in coloring and crafting,also is a good way to teach children patience and creativity. Love the Faber Castell range <3

  53. MeghanReply

    Besides for Faber-Castell being a brand that offers such a variety of good quality art supplies at a price I can afford; I really love Faber-Castell as I have been using them since I began drawing. They were my first set of colour pencils that have remained my favourite my whole life. When I was younger I loved the “Forest Colours” pencils from the supermarket and my best friend and I kept ours organized and in the original box (because of the beautiful animals on it) and brought them out everyday at school to draw comics with. Now that I’m older I have just invested in a few polychromos and I adore them. I have one PITT pen and it introduced me to the art I love doing today; illustration. I am 18 and Faber-Castell definitely had a part in the artist I am today, and has given me many happy memories (yes that’s soppy, but it’s true.) they’ll always be my favourite.

  54. Tania BrewisReply

    I highly recommend the Faber Castell Pitt Artists Pens series; there really isn’t anything on the market that is comparable considering how much these pens offer. The ink is of high quality, the nibs are sturdy and precise, the ink is waterproof and the variety of tips and colours cater for a range of tasks.

  55. Arlene MullinsReply

    Faber-Castel is my first choice. They never let me down. What you see is what you get. The quality is superior to any other brand. The colours are plentiful and beautiful to work with. Very smooth and soft. I have been working with this brand for 30 years mostly bought from Deckle Edge. I also referred the brand to all of my students and becausr of the vast range and availability. Arlene

  56. Aqeelah DavidsReply

    I love Faber-Castell because they deliver vibrant quality to your artworks. The pigment is bright and absolutely stunning. I’ve only ever had a black fine liner and the pack of 24 pencil crayons and I just love them! These artistic pens would be great because I tend to make doodles everywhere I go.

  57. KEshia AfricaReply

    Hey guys! I recently took up hand lettering and I’ve found that there’s no better pen for me to do it than the Faber-Castell brand! It works so smoothly, and the fact that they are acid-free is even better because my sinuses are extremely sensitive.

  58. Anusha NaidooReply

    I Love Faber-Castell, it is of excellent quality, makes using them a delight and pleasure.
    The variety of colours, the pigment is amazing I use them with such ease my drawings and all things art comes to life with Faber – Castell. My hobby is art and I know for certain each art work will turn out beautifully.
    I make beautiful memories to treasure with pleasure thank you.

  59. Yael MarcusReply

    Faber-Castell PITT Artists Pens are unique. The pigment is strong and the ink is extremely lightfast. The pens last for many years. Pens are good for mixed media. Hours of creative freedom of expression for children and grown ups too.

  60. Nicole NaickerReply

    I Love Faber_Castell ,the amazing vibrant colours ,also comes in a variety of shades,each time I create a master piece using them

  61. Erinda EsterhuizenReply

    I Love Faber-Castell PITT artist pens Because it is the best Brand and Biggest Name so Luxurious and Stylish Amazing Quality and with a big Variety the pigment is strong and the ink is extremly lightfast I Would Love to Win this Incredible Giveaway

  62. JesReply

    Oh my… these look glorious. As much as I love pens, I’ve only explored black ones, so far.

    All the colours in this range are wonderful. Love that it’s India ink as well!

    Time for me to try these pens. Would love to win some!

  63. Amy wisniewskiReply

    You know you can always trust Faber-Castell. The design and longevity of the products makes them amazing!

  64. Grace CrockerReply

    I love Faber-Castell because it’s the best quality art and stationery brand ever! It feels like such an investment purchasing these items because I know that they are unlikely to fail me ☺ they make me feel like such an artist and have that he ability to make even my drawings look like million dollar artworks! I would love my own set of these beautiful beautiful pens to feed my stationery and art supply obsession. ?

  65. NeliaReply

    Ive just started bullet journalling! These would be an absolute treat! My favourote brand just got even better!

  66. Lita Fronika WalesReply

    Wow, I love Faber-Castell Pitt products overall, they are excellent products and I work with them a great deal. These pens sound absolutely great and would love to try them out in my art work.

  67. Louise HennigsReply

    These pens have been my favourite tools for travel sketching, but I only have the sanguine and the grey scale set. Can you imagine having the full set of the colours! I wish!!!

  68. Christine FrauensteinReply

    I am definitely in need of the full set of pens to do new designs for my products. If I don’t win it – I will buy them the next time I get to The Deckle Edge. 🙂

  69. Nimmi AndrewReply

    Faber Castell is a trusted quality brand with a wide range of products,to suit every artistic need

  70. Patricia OvermeyerReply

    I love the range of colours to suit any requirement. It is brand i have trusted since schools days which I must admit is a very very long time ago.

  71. Casandra JacobsReply

    Faber-Castell are what I like to call my “craving brand”, no matter how many different cheaper art supplies I try, I always crave the quality and ease of Faber-Castell pens and pencils. I have a couple of their pens that I got when I first started creating art, and now 8 years later I’m in Uni studying Fine Art and I still have them! Definitely one of my goals is to slowly build up a decent set of Faber-Castell art supplies for myself. 🙂

  72. LeahReply

    These pens are what is inspiring me to become a designer and illustrator one day! They are incredible, and they excite me to draw more.

  73. KathyReply

    Faber-Castell, you are a legend in the land of multi-media, a symphony in the music mosaic of my studio, my heart-throb and inspiration, the colour and feel of magic as you journey through my adventures in color and form. My knight in bright colors, you ride into my art with triumph and ease. Faber-Castell – i love you!

  74. NashReply

    Since I was a child Fabre castle was the recommended and my go to brand. Their products are of top quality and never disappoint. Love the vibrant colours of this range!

  75. Jasmine LinReply

    Since I was a child, the Faber-Castell brand has always been one associated with top quality. I love writing with super fine tip pens and these would be perfect!

  76. NabeelaReply

    Faber-Castell has always been a brand that embodies quality and affordability making it one of my favourite brands. I’d love to win some of these!

  77. Aneeqah EssaReply

    I loooovvveee this pens. The lines are consistent. The colours are bright and beautiful. I loooovvveee these pens sooo sooo soooooo much. They don’t dry out too quickly. Faber-Castell has always been the best brand, you are never disappointed at what you buy. They are incredible and excite me to draw more!

  78. Mark JacksonReply

    Faber-Castell are a legendary brand, and I’m planning using these pens next month to start illustrating the graphic novel of my movie project, The Oracle Machine. (The rough is complete, it just now needs to be pencilled and inked in neat, and would love to use the complete range of these pens)

  79. LesleyReply

    I love the variety of nib sizes in the blacks- my favourite pen colour ! And the lovely bright colours make my fingers twitch in anticipation! I cant wait to experiemnt with them ! Faber-castell has always been my preferred choice of product. Their attention to quality consistently provides awesome results.This range is awesome!

  80. anchenmartinReply

    Absolutely love these pens! They are definitely my go-to brand when creating illustrations and having fun. These pens have amazing pigment adding deep colour to any illustration and can be used on other mediums as well to add depth to drawings. With all these amazing colours, it definitely allows you to get really creative and just all round inspired. I always highly recommend Faber-Castell to others and will continue to do so for a long time to come!

  81. Sheryl KavinReply

    Giving away my age if I say that I used the Faber Castle pencils in a distant past, have never used the pens, but would love to try…..

  82. Candice ParbhooReply

    I have never had the opportunity to use one of the pens, they are a bit out of my price range BUT I KNOW I LOVE THEM and can’t wait for the opportunity to use them. I watch video after video of them being used by amazing artists doing amazing things, from drawing to mixed media, to stamping and even calligraphy. There is not much that needs to be said about this product as these pens and even just the name FABER CASTELL speaks for itself.

  83. Jeanne FyferReply

    I love the super quality, variety and fantastic colours. You an NEVER have enough of these pens.

  84. Karin CombrinkReply

    The Indian Ink Pitt Artist Faber Castell pen is my all time favorite. Whether it’s a finished ink drawing, a quick sketch, some doodling, writing my name in a new book or any permanent marking, this is my go to pen. Although multi purpose, the line quality and lightfastness is just perfect for artwork.

  85. Chad PhilanderReply

    Love these pens. I could only afford a small pack of black pitt pens and I love them so much, would love to get some more.

  86. NickyReply

    I absolutely love Faber-Castell pens because they bring so many more opportunities of detail enhancement to drawings! I am an architecture student, and find that these pens are the best for all drawing work, from technical through to concept sketching! The colour range, as well as the black ink differing thicknesses are simply stunning! I am working towards buying the whole range as I work through this degree ☺️

  87. Sonja FrenzReply

    Faber Castell has consistent good quality products. I have used it since I studied 30 years ago. I love drawing as well as journaling. It is easily put in a handbag to use at any time and place. Faber Castell has a wide range of drawing equipment of which the Pitt Artist Pens are my favourite. I do Notan drawings with it as planning for paintings

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