We are so excited to be the first stockist of Gamblin products on the continent! Gamblin Artist Colors strive to create art materials that are true to historic working properties yet safer and more permanent. They pride themselves on creating oil colours that not only have excellent pigment quality but have a luscious texture too – allowing artists to work more freely and directly with the paints even without using mediums.


We stock 96 gorgeous Gamblin Oil colours which includes the Mineral Colors (made from inorganic pigments such as metal ores dug from the earth), Modern Colors (made from organic pigments that are carbon-based), Radiants (eight intense tints that are mixtures of pure colour with white) and a selection of whites, greys and blacks. View the colour range online now.

Each colour has its own unique description which allows the artist to get to know the colours better before purchasing them – for example, their Manganese Blue Hue is described as “an excellent recreation of the original color, successfully replacing an obsolete pigment. Cool, transparent blue with green undertone; especially useful for painting sky and water“. These descriptions can be found alongside each Gamblin oil paint in our online store – click here to view the range, then simply click any colour to view its description. Each colour also has a swatch, like the below examples, showing the true colour as well as the tint, shade and so on.


Gamblin also have a wide range of oil painting mediums from oils to varnishes. Gamvar and Gamsol are two firm favourites among these products. Gamvar is a revolutionary final picture varnish that can be used on oil and acrylic paintings. Unlike most final oil painting varnishes, it can be applied as soon as the thickest part of a painting is dry to the touch (unlike the usual waiting time of 6 – 12 months)! If the work has a lot of heavy paintwork, you can test how dry it is by pressing the edge of your nail into the artwork – if the paint is firm it can be varnished! Gamvar goes on water-clear and stays water-clear. It is flexible and allows the paint to cure beneath the varnished surface. It has been created in collaboration with the National Gallery of Art and is of the highest quality – a real game-changer in the painting world!

Gamsol is an odourless mineral spirit that has been manufactured with safety as the main priority. This solvent is arguably one of the safest spirits one can use in the studio, is reusable and non-toxic when used as recommended. Aromatic mineral spirits are the most harmful kind of spirit and Gamsol has had more than 99% of its aromatic component refined out of it. It also has a high flash point, slow evaporation rate and can not be absorbed through healthy skin. Gamsol can be used to thin oil colours and mediums, as well as for general clean-up in the studio.

Other fantastic mediums include Galkyd (this also comes in a light and slow-dry version) and Neo Meglip. Galkyd can be used to thin oil paints and increases transparency and gloss – making it great for glazing. It is fast drying and will even out brushstrokes. Neo Meglip is a soft gel medium that maintains the body of oil colours and will give a smooth, silky and semi-gloss finish.

Gamblin’s website is definitely worth a visit to find out more about their products, how best to use them as well as informative videos and plenty tips and tricks, so do check it out! Their Facebook and Instagram accounts also show fantastic behind the scenes snippets!



  1. Hi, can you please tell me if gamsol, galkyd, and Gamvar are able to be used with W&N water based oils? I have seen techniques used by artists with the above first two products but not sure if they would have the same effect on water based oils? Many thanks!!

    1. Hi Sarah

      Thank you so much for asking. I am happy to help.

      It is not at all recommended to use any oil based solvent or medium like the Galkyd with your water mixable paints as they were formulated to be used with water and other water mixable mediums. The W&N Artisan paints have their own dedicated mediums available. ? You can view them online here: https://www.deckleedge.co.za/product-tag/artisan-mediums/

      Gamsol we can safely say will be good for cleaning your brushes, but we would not recommend using it as a medium with your water mixable oil paints. The Gamvar varnish should also be safe to use on your dry water mixable painting, although we would recommend testing.

      If you need anything else, you can email us hello@deckleedge.co.za and we will be happy to help.
      Warm regards

  2. Hi Adam – thanks for your reply.
    There is a technique I have seen used which is some kind of solvent splashed onto an oil painting by flicking the end of the paintbrush. It creates a droplet effect on the image but the solvent ‘removes’ the paint slightly. Like if you sprayed water from a water bottle onto a charcoal drawing….? Its a really nice effect but wondered if the same effect could be achieved with Gamblin products with water based oil. I would like your advise before purchasing is all…!

    (I can send a pic to show what I mean if you can send me an email address).


    1. Hi Sarah

      Thank you so much for the update. I am always happy to help 🙂

      You can send me pic and I will check with my colleagues to see which product would work best for the technique you would like to achieve.

      You can email me at hello@deckleedge.co.za and I will be happy to assist you. ?

      Warm regards,

  3. Hello! I am so excited to see that You now have Gamblin in your store! Please can you tell me if you have the Cold Wax medium – and the price and size if you do?
    THank you so much
    All the best to you

    1. Hi Debbie!

      I am so happy that you found Gamblin on our site. We have been very excited to stock the Gamblin range in South Africa and help local artists experience and use the tools that professional artists use all over the world.

      We do keep the Gamblin Cold Wax Medium and stock it in both a 4oz and 16oz (118ml or 473ml) tub. You can view them on our online store and check their prices by clicking the following link: Gamblin Cold Wax Medium.

      I hope this information helps. Let us know if you have any more questions and how we can help. We will gladly assist you.

      Have a splendid rest of the week and all the best,

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