Experiment with intense colour and innovative products

The Derwent Inktense range of pencils, blocks and paint pans is unique. There are so many ways to use these versatile products, and we love them all! Inktense is a pigment-based colour that’s extremely soluble in water, so it’s tempting to compare it to watercolour pencils and paint pans. The difference is that Inktense has a transparent ink-like wash that performs very differently to traditional watercolour.

  • Permanent when dry! Once dry, the colour will stay intense without lifting when more water is added.
  • Build up layers of colour without affecting the layers below, and use light colours over dark. Or, add more colour while wet so the colours merge and blend.
  • Highly pigmented colours that retain vibrancy after drying, with an ink-like stain.
  • Choose your Inktense: available in pencil sets, single pencils, block sets and paint pan palettes.
  • Works well on fabric, and other porous surfaces like wood and ceramic.


Inktense pencils are perfect when you want control over fine details. You can use the pencils with water in lots of different ways. Draw on a dry or wet surface – and use the pencils wet or dry. You can apply water directly to the pencil nib before drawing, or draw and then use a brush over the colour.

Available in Pencil Sets and individually.

Inktense blocks are great for bold, expressive mark-making. They’re also fun to use! The blocks can be shaved, grated or wetted to create unique effects and textures. You can use the blocks on their edges for precise lines, or on their sides for broad sweeps of colour and texture.

Available in a Set of 12 and a Set of 24.

With Inktense paint pans you can apply paint in satisfying swooshes and achieve broad washes, which are great for backgrounds and skies. The painting technique and method is the same as working with watercolour paint pans. Having all your colours in a convenient palette saves you space.

Available in a Travel Set of 12 and a Studio Set of 24.

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