Copic Markers

Copic Markers are world-famous, high-quality markers that come in a huge range of colours with various nib options. We have just launched the Copic Sketch – in store and online. We are so excited to be the biggest stockist of Copic markers in the Western Cape! In this blog post we will be telling you more […]

Diamine Inks

Brand new to The Deckle Edge is a wonderful range of inks by Diamine. These inks are imported from Diamine in the UK who have been manufacturing inks since 1864 (that’s over 150 years)! Fountain Pen Ink: Their non-toxic fountain pen inks are water-soluble and dye-based and can be used in a variety of ways. Firstly, they are fantastic for […]

Graph’It Alcohol Markers

Graph’It markers are a wonderful illustration tool, perfect for applying colour and tones to artworks and sketches. The markers were developed in France, and were first released in 2012. It is a relatively new product but the markers have been extensively researched in order to provide a high quality product tailored to suit both amateurs and professionals alike. […]

All about Erasers

Erasers may seem like a pretty standard thing to have in any stationery collection, but there are actually many different types of erasers – each with their own unique qualities. In this blog post we’ll be telling you about a few different sorts of erasers and the best way to use them!         […]

Aerosol Fixatives

For those who love to work in pencil, charcoal and pastels, fixatives are an important part of ensuring the longevity of their work. Aerosol fixatives are the easiest and most convenient way of setting your work to ensure that it doesn’t smudge, or contaminate other works of art. As most of us know, working in […]

Golden Products

We are proud to stock a range of Golden products in our store, and in this blog post we will talk about Golden Heavy Body acrylics, Golden Fluid acrylics and various Golden mediums. All Golden products are compatible with one another, which is a great advantage of the Golden acrylic system. Golden Artist Colors Inc. […]

Heritage Glass Stain

Heritage Glass Stain

Heritage glass stain is a wonderful medium to create faux stained glass designs on anything from bottles and jars to wine glasses – and of course flat sheets of glass (which can then be framed). It’s an easy and user-friendly alternative to classic stained glass techniques, which can take years to perfect. How to create your own faux […]

Quink Ink

Quink Ink

Parker Quink Ink is full of surprises – not only is it a classic ink used for dip pens and fountain pens, it is also a beautiful medium to use for illustration and painting. It is a non-waterproof ink and as a result can be used in many interesting ways that are different to how waterproof […]