With Colleges back in full swing we decided to pay our neighbours at Red & Yellow a visit to see what insights, tips and advice they have to help creative students become successful in their respective fields. We spoke to Elizabeth Lee Ming, head of Marketing at Red & Yellow’s Creative School of Business in Salt River.

R&Y’s aim is to bridge the gap between the creative and business worlds by equipping students with the tools they need to thrive in today’s modern creative industry. They offer a range of full time and part time courses either on campus or online, from traditional Copywriting and Graphic Design to courses specifically focused on creating Digital Content as well as User-Centred Design.
We witnessed the students on campus for their orientation day and the energy was infectious. It was great to see so many young people beginning their journeys in the creative space and we wish them all the best.

Head of Marketing at Red and Yellow

“There are amazing Creators, Innovators and Changemakers who have walked this path before – find them, follow them, learn from them!

Elizabeth Lee Ming

This is what Elizabeth had to say:

  1. What kind of person should come and study at Red & Yellow and why (particularly the BA in Visual Communication)? Someone who is curious and creative, the next Innovator, Creator, Changemaker! Future business leaders and heads of industry! Those looking to be the creative child who survived and those wanting to make a meaningful impact on the world – WE WANT YOU!
    1. What are the prerequisites for students to enroll in the BA Communication Degree? Matric exemption and a creative mindset!
    2. Do you only get younger students, or do you also have older candidates? We have a good mix of both! Creativity has no age limit.
  2. In your experience working with students, what key characteristics, qualities or attributes stand out that successful students have? Focus, planning, attention to detail, Great listening skills! Embracing opportunities and learning from those in the know! I always say: Steal like an Artist! There are amazing Creators, Innovators and Changemakers who have walked this path before – find them, follow them, learn from them! Tenacity, grit and resilience are all key skills and attributes and a good dose of hard work and a great attitude will get you FAR coupled with your raw talent – we will nurture it and give you the support, coaching and guidance to unlock your best self!
  3. What are your top 6 tips or habits that students can work on to make the most of their time at Red & Yellow?
    1. Come to campus – embrace your campus and your campus life!
    2. Get involved! Start a club, organise a movement, participate in a workshop, attend all the masterclasses and embrace all the opportunities that the R&Y experience offers!
    3. Lean on your lecturers – they are here to help and have industry creds that are the envy of many!
    4. Lean on your peers – you will form friendships that will last a lifetime and who knows where you or they will be and when you need a door opened or a glowing recommendation written.
    5. HAVE FUN! This is now your campus – come and bring your BEST SELF to campus – ask questions, do your assignments, hand them in on time. Cultivate good habits and be disciplined! It will set you up for Success!
    6. Be a great R&Y Brand Ambassador! So many of our Alumni go on to do great things – we know you will do the same!

4. The Deckle Edge sells ‘analogue’ artist materials in what is an increasingly digital world. Do you think that tactile products are still relevant in today’s modern world and if so, why?
Yes definitely! There is magic that happens in the brain and on paper when you use these and they stimulate all the senses: the smell of the paper, the feel of the art materials, using a brand-new pen for the first time etc. All add to the experience of creating something amazing that is missed with the digital experience.

5. What role does having the correct art materials and tools play in being a successful student?
Good quality equipment is a sense of pride and reflects this for yourself and your work. Don’t compromise!

6. What materials would you say every student needs in their creative toolbox?
A great sketch pad, an amazing set of pencils, a colour palette of choice – in crayons / colour pencils / painting materials! I love great watercolour pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal and watercolour tubes of paint!

7. Why do you like shopping at the Deckle edge and recommending us to your students?
I always get great advice and find the widest range! I am an artist myself and give Kintsugi classes. If Deckle Edge doesn’t have something – they are always good to source, it for me!

8. Are you aware that we have compiled a kit list and added it to our website to make purchasing the material easier for Red & Yellow students?  YES DEFINITELY!

Shop the kit here:


+27 872 273 283   

97 Durham Avenue, Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa 7925

We hope that you liked this article. Leave your comments below and let us know if there is another subject you would like us to write about.

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