How to make slime

We have an awesome guest blogger on the Deckle Blog this week, showing us how to make slime! Maya Claronino is 11 years old, loves crafts of all kinds and is a master at making slime! She’s made an easy-to-follow video tutorial (featuring her cat Jagger) to show us step by step how she makes it.

What you will need:
Dala Paper Glue
Dala Fun Foam
– Contact lens solution
– Foam shaving cream
– Medium sized bowl
– Tablespoon

If you’d like to make a glitter version then you’ll also need glitter (instead of Fun Foam), and about 1 teaspoon of baking soda (instead of shaving cream).

Watch the video below to see how Maya makes Red Floam Slime:

Here is another video in which Maya and her friend, Jasmine, show us how you can make a massive slime bubble!




  1. tejas soniReply

    woow great! we tried making slime at home after reading your blog it was too much fun. kids loved it.

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