Matt Daniel sculpting clay has been created and developed by sculptor Matthew Sanna of Dragonfly Studios. It is a wax-based clay that retains its elasticity and never dries out – meaning you can use it over and over again. It comes in a neutral colour and is perfect for modelling, sculpting, shaping, carving and mold making. Because of its smooth yet firm texture you are able to get fine details and create intricate textures on the surface of the clay.

When starting out with a fresh batch of clay you may notice that it feels very hard. To soften it and make it more pliable, you can warm it in the microwave (just for a short amount of time), place it in warm water (it’s wax based and so will not mix with water) or chop it into smaller pieces. Once you start to work with it you will find it gets softer, but when left alone it hardens again – which makes it a perfect clay for creating moulds.

Matt Daniel clay is free of toxins and sulphur which means it won’t react with moulding materials such as silicones, Body-Double, Epoxy & Polyester Resins, Plaster of Paris etc. It’s also proudly South African and manufactured in Cape Town!



    1. Hi Matthew,

      Yes, this is a South African brand of clay we stock – you can view it in our online store here: Matt Daniels Sculpting Clay. It is different to ball clay in that it isn’t fired, but rather used to create a sculpture that will be cast out of a harder material (such as resin). Matt Daniels sculpting clay is wax based and never dries out – thus it can be used over and over again.

      Thank you for sharing the link to your beautiful sculpture work!

      Warm regards,
      The Deckle Edge Team

    1. Hi Hannelie

      You can order them either from the online store here: Matt Daniel Sculpting Clay (click to see) or you can place an order over email on

      The prices are currently as below:

      Matt Daniel Sculpting Clay – Neutral 1kg R248.50
      Matt Daniel Sculpting Clay – Neutral 500G R113.90
      Matt Daniel Sculpting Clay – Brown 1kg R248.50
      Matt Daniel Sculpting Clay – Brown 500g R113.90

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