Matthew Sanna sculpting demo

Matthew Sanna from Dragonfly Sculpting Studios paid us a visit at our Woodstock branch to demo his new creation, Matt Daniel Sculpting Clay. The wax-based clay never dries out and retains its plasticity. Matt Daniel Clay is perfect for modelling, shaping, carving and mould making. The clay is easily pliable and softens by working it by hand, then it hardens again.

Matthew took the demo participants through the process of using the clay to mould and sculpt. The information he shared was fascinating and offered insights into how to get the best out of the clay. Everyone went away inspired, and armed with new knowledge! He was also kind enough to leave us with an instructional PDF – click here to read it.

Matt Daniel Clay contains zero toxins and is sulphur-free, therefore, it will not react with any moulding materials such as Silicones, Body-double, Alga-Safe, Epoxy Resins and Polyester Resins or Plaster of Paris etc. Matt Daniel Clay can be re-used over and over again. Click here to view the clay in our online shop.

Watch this space for more demos at our Woodstock branch in the future!

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