Having visited the artistic haven that is Faith’s home, gallery, and art studio, I was enchanted by her distinctive style, woven with influences reminiscent of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (one of my favourite artists as well). The space exudes a captivating charm, adorned with ornate decorations and a unique touch that extends beyond canvases. In Faith’s world, every piece of furniture is a canvas, and every wall is a gallery, making her home and garden a living, breathing masterpiece. I hope she will help me decorate my home one day, yes it’s that good. I definitely recommend that you visit her Art House if you happen to be traveling the garden route and visiting Knysna this festive season.

Q1: Welcome, Faith! Tell us about the journey that led you from studying Fashion Design to becoming a passionate artist. How did that transition unfold, and what ignited your love for painting?

A1: Raised in a family of artists, my passion for painting came naturally. By the age of 20, I was already creating commissioned works, in the realm of watercolour wildlife. With 35 years of artistry under my belt, I have no intention of slowing down. I always strive to improve and find continuous inspiration from my students.

Q2: Your artistic style is truly unique and captivating. How would you describe it in your own words, and what influences or inspirations shape your creations?

A2: I believe that the eyes are the gateway to the soul and I love painting these on animals and people. My style is loose and free with colour mixing being my passion and getting the most out of one colour is my goal.

Q3: We’ve noticed that your art often personifies animals in fantastical ways. Can you share some insights into this choice and what draws you to infuse animals with such imaginative qualities?

A3: My previous experience and love for Fashion Design and textures allows me to enjoy adding these clothes and other fantastical embellishments to the animals I paint to help me communicate more of a theme and story to my viewers.

Q4: Beyond canvas and paint, your passion extends to interior design. How does your artistic vision influence your approach to designing spaces, and how do you seamlessly integrate art into interior settings?

A4: My style is very Bohemian and I like to push boundaries with colours and textures. My surroundings and my art students inspire me daily.

Q5: We’re excited about your upcoming colour mixing portrait workshops in Cape Town! What can attendees expect to learn, and what sparked the idea for these specific workshops?

A5: Attendees will learn my unique approach to colour blending, how to choose background colours and my techniques in shading. I will also share my knowledge in how to start a painting with tips on planning and drawing.

Q6: Every artist has their go-to tools. What are your favourite art supplies, the ones you can’t live without, and how do they contribute to your artistic process?

A6: My favorite tools in my art studio for creating artworks are my soft and hard brushes, palette knives. My favorite medium to work with is oil paints, namely, Cadmium Orange, which is a must-have. In acrylics, I love all the neon colors.

Q7: For budding artists looking to turn their passion into a profession, what tips or advice do you have? How can one create successful artworks and navigate the artistic journey with resilience and creativity?

A7: The best advice that I can give is for people to just keep on painting and enjoy the process. There is no right or wrong.

Q8: You’re not only an artist but also a dedicated art teacher. What motivates you to share your knowledge, and what do you enjoy most about teaching art to others?

A8: I absolutely love to see total beginners transform as artists and grow in their skill and confidence enough to go out there and sell their work.

Q9: We know you’re a regular customer at The Deckle Edge. What draws you to our art store, and do you have any favourite products or discoveries you’d like to share with fellow art enthusiasts?

A9: I love your Deckle Edge store in Knysna and the ladies there are always friendly and helpful. I always get a heads up on new products, the latent being the Artgraf carbon Square that is very similar to charcoal its a great new addition to my creative tool box.

Q10: As we wrap up, Faith, could you share a glimpse into what’s next for Open House Gallery and Studio? Any upcoming projects or exhibitions our readers should keep an eye out for?

A10: I have an exhibition with my students over the Easter weekend next year 2024 at my home/ gallery The Art House Knysna. There is no particular theme we will be exhibiting from the best artworks they have made and collected over the past year. For more details follow me on Facebook @thearthousefaith or email me faithduplessiskuns@gmail.com

Bring a friend to one of these fun and creative workshops. Learn to paint a person or an animal, mix colours or just add a touch of the fantastical to your work!

📅 Workshop Dates:
1. Sat Nov 25th, 2023 | ⏰ 09:00 – 12:30
2. Wed Nov 29th, 2023 | ⏰ 10:00 – 13:30

🎟️ Limited Space:
1️⃣ R850 – Ticket Only
2️⃣ R1100 – Ticket with Materials

📩 Book Now: | Let your imagination flow!

Now, as we eagerly anticipate Faith’s arrival in Cape Town to deliver her portrait workshops, it’s with the intention of sharing a slice of her enchanting world with our students. Faith’s unique approach and artistic flair promise to inspire and ignite creativity, Join us as we bring a bit of Faith’s unique view to the heart of Cape Town.

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