close up of canvas weave

Canvas: Linen or Cotton

Cotton or Linen? In today’s day and age canvas is generally made from cotton or linen. Historically canvas was produced from hemp fibers. Canvas is one of the most used substrates for artists to paint on. It is a plain woven fabric  commonly stretched over a wooden frame or panel. Although many artists prefer to […]

Gamblin Oils & Mediums

We are so excited to be the first stockist of Gamblin products on the continent! Gamblin Artist Colors strive to create art materials that are true to historic working properties yet safer and more permanent. They pride themselves on creating oil colours that not only have excellent pigment quality but have a luscious texture too – […]

Artisan Water Mixable Oil Paint

Artisan Water Mixable Oil Paint

Here at The Deckle Edge we stock a range of water-mixable oil paints by Winsor and Newton called Artisan. They are just like normal oil paints except they can be mixed with water! This is beneficial as it means you don’t have to use harsh solvents while painting and allows for a safer painting environment. […]


Gesso for beginners

What is gesso? Gesso (pronounced ‘jesso’) is basically a paint mixture used to prepare a surface for painting – often for oil or acrylics. It usually comprises of a binder mixed with chalk or gypsum and sometimes it has a pigment added to it too (usually Titanium White). Water- and oil-based gesso mixtures are available […]