close up of canvas weave

Canvas: Linen or Cotton

Cotton or Linen? In today’s day and age canvas is generally made from cotton or linen. Historically canvas was produced from hemp fibers. Canvas is one of the most used substrates for artists to paint on. It is a plain woven fabric  commonly stretched over a wooden frame or panel. Although many artists prefer to […]



Cotton canvas is a popular surface to paint on for acrylic and oil painters alike. It holds paints well, offers a flexible surface and comes in a variety of sizes (and shapes; like round, triangular and oval in addition to the usual rectangles). At Deckle Edge we stock three main types of cotton canvas: canvas […]

Impasto Medium

Impasto is a wonderful technique used in painting to create 3D texture on the painting surface. This can be done in both oils and acrylics although sometimes you may need to add an impasto medium to help you get the desired texture if your paints are too thin in consistency. For this post we have tried […]

Zellen Paper Glaze

Zellen paper glaze

Zellen paper glaze is an awesome product that can be used on paper crafts, watercolour, acrylic paints and more to create various effects. It is an acid-free, thick, glossy varnish that can be used to create 3D effects or simply to create a gloss layer over artworks or craft projects. For those of you wondering – […]

Pouring Medium

Liquitex Pouring Medium is one of our most popular products. There is definitely a trend on the rise for creating artworks with a ‘poured’ painting effect. With so many different ways that paint can be poured, flooded, mixed, dripped and marbled on a canvas, this is a really fun technique that can produce awesome results. We […]

All about pigments

Pigments are small particles of coloured material and can be found in paints as well as other art materials such as pastels, inks and coloured pencils. Pigment is what gives these products colour and generally speaking the quality of the pigment defines the quality of the product. Paints are created by mixing pigment with a binder such as […]