Orange wax paint on small canvas with palette knife on desk next to flowers and zest-it tub of open paint

Zest-it: Cold Wax Paint

Cold wax painting techniques are quickly becoming a favourite for artists who enjoy creative applications of thick impasto strokes and brilliant texture. Cold wax paints are made from mixing solvents, pigments and wax to create a beautifully unique painting experience. The Deckle Edge is the first in South Africa to now stock these beautiful ready-to-use […]

Zest-it: A safer solution for artists

Zest-it has dedicated the past 25 years to producing traditional artists’ solvents, mediums and paint. The Deckle Edge stocks an assortment of safer-to-use goodies for artists wanting to be kinder on the environment and themselves. Have a look at all Zest-it goodies we now have on offer and get safer solutions for your studio. Solvents […]

artist painting sneaker

Creative Side Hustle: Custom Sneaker Art

It’s time for the latest in our series about fabulous artists, designers, creatives and hobbyists who are turning their passions into profitable side hustles! What’s the hustle? This week we’re looking at sneaker customisation. More and more, sneaker enthusiasts want to express themselves with unique pieces that reflect their own personality and style. We’re featuring […]

Angelus Leather Paints

Angelus Leather Paint

Angelus Leather Paint is now available at The Deckle Edge! The Angelus range has a global cult following, for very good reasons: It’s formulated to be flexible, so it won’t crack or peel The colours are vivid, clear and bright You can combine colours, so you have full control to create your own custom shade […]

close up of canvas weave

Canvas: Linen or Cotton

Cotton or Linen? In today’s day and age canvas is generally made from cotton or linen. Historically canvas was produced from hemp fibers. Canvas is one of the most used substrates for artists to paint on. It is a plain woven fabric  commonly stretched over a wooden frame or panel. Although many artists prefer to […]



Cotton canvas is a popular surface to paint on for acrylic and oil painters alike. It holds paints well, offers a flexible surface and comes in a variety of sizes (and shapes; like round, triangular and oval in addition to the usual rectangles). At Deckle Edge we stock three main types of cotton canvas: canvas […]

Impasto Medium

Impasto is a wonderful technique used in painting to create 3D texture on the painting surface. This can be done in both oils and acrylics although sometimes you may need to add an impasto medium to help you get the desired texture if your paints are too thin in consistency. For this post we have tried […]

Zellen Paper Glaze

Zellen paper glaze

Zellen paper glaze is an awesome product that can be used on paper crafts, watercolour, acrylic paints and more to create various effects. It is an acid-free, thick, glossy varnish that can be used to create 3D effects or simply to create a gloss layer over artworks or craft projects. For those of you wondering – […]