Pilot Pintor Markers are here! They are so versatile that they could fit in the workrooms of artists and crafters alike.

Pintor markers are ideal  for drawing, colouring, decorating, marking, writing, calligraphy, and so much more.  They are paint based markers that are pigment rich, opaque and water based, will cover almost any surface and stand out on even the darkest of materials.

Currently we have the Pintor Fine and Medium available in 12 fun tones, 6 pastel and 6 metallic! Spoilt for choice you can make your wildest ideas come to life. Want to re look clothing, personalise an object, customise furniture or decorate dishes? Pilot Pintor brings all your ideas to all materials.  

Have a look at the below list and video to see where and how you can use Pilot Pintor Markers for the best results. Or download the comprehensive Pintor Guide here.

Pilot Pintor Markers work on:
  • Wood
  • Glass and frosted glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal-Steel, Aluminum
  • Paper
  • Polystyrene
  • Porcelain
  • Fabric : 100% cotton/linen; polyster/satin
  • Mineral (like stones)
  • Blackboard

Check out this video on how to use Pilot Pinto Markers on almost any surface!

Pintor paint markers are similar to Uni Posca Markers and as such can be added to your existing Posca collection with their unique 24 colours. Check out our Posca Blog for more information on our most popular water based paint marker.

Have a look at these awesome projects made with Pilot Pintor Markers and go make something beautiful today.

Creativity Awaits!

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