We’re thrilled to share that our Salt River store now offers a Copic refill service, bringing sustainability and affordability straight to your artistic toolkit.

Now, you can give your trusty Classic, Sketch, or Ciao Copic markers a new lease on life, starting at just R20 each. It’s not just about keeping your tools in top shape; it’s about doing it in a way that’s kind to the environment – the Copic Ciao refills are R20, Sketch refills at just R25 and Classic refills at R35. (Prices as of Feb ’24 and are subject to change.)

Feeling curious? Don’t hesitate to have a chat with our friendly staff for all the juicy details. Plus, here’s a little extra treat – grab your personal loyalty card and let the perks roll in. Every 10th Copic refill is on the house!

The Best Uses For Copic Markers

  1. Illustration and Manga Art:
  • Copic markers are widely popular in the illustration and manga communities for their vibrant colours, smooth blending capabilities, and precise lines. Many artists use Copics to create expressive characters and dynamic scenes.

2. Comic Book Art:

  • Comic book artists often choose Copic markers for their ability to add depth and shading to characters and backgrounds. The markers’ quick-drying nature allows for efficient layering and detailing.

3. Fashion Design:

  • Copic markers are commonly used in fashion design for creating clothing sketches and fashion illustrations. The markers’ broad colour range helps designers accurately represent fabrics and textures.

4. Architectural Rendering:

  • Architects and interior designers use Copics for rendering architectural drawings. The markers allow for realistic shading and highlighting, bringing design concepts to life.

5. Crafting and Card Making:

  • Crafters and card makers appreciate Copic markers for their precision and ability to add vibrant colours to handmade cards, scrapbooking projects, and other paper crafts.

6. Product Design and Rendering:

  • Industrial designers often use Copic markers to create product prototypes and renderings. The markers provide a quick and effective way to convey three-dimensional forms and material textures.

7. Fine Arts and Mixed Media:

  • Artists working in fine arts and mixed media find Copics valuable for adding colour to various surfaces, including canvas, wood, and more. The markers can be combined with other mediums for unique effects.

8. Storyboarding and Concept Art:

  • Filmmakers, animators, and game designers use Copic markers for storyboarding and concept art. The markers allow for quick visualisation of scenes and characters with a hand-drawn touch.

9. Educational Purposes:

  • Copic markers are often used in art education settings due to their user-friendly nature. They are suitable for teaching colour theory, shading techniques, and other fundamental artistic principles.

10. Customising and Upcycling:

  • Artists and hobbyists use Copics to customise various items, such as shoes, clothing, and home decor. The markers’ versatility allows for personalisation and upcycling of everyday objects.

Overall, Copic markers prove to be a versatile tool for artists and creators across different disciplines and skill levels in the UK.

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