Schmincke’s Aero Color range offers liquid acrylic inks that are highly pigmented and lightfast. These inks can be applied using brushes, dip pens & technical pens, the Schmincke Aero Color liners (empty markers which can be filled with ink) or with an airbrush. Aero Color inks have been  formulated to work especially well in airbrushes – hence the name “Aero” Color.  They adhere particularly well to all types of paper and cardboard as well as traditional non-absorbent surfaces such as film, hard plastics, canvas, and metals that have been prepared properly.

The classic range includes 36 brilliant colours – many of which are single, pure pigment shades – and offer endless mixing capabilities. There are also 12 special effect metallic and shimmer shades that are simply magical! These work well on both light and dark backgrounds.

The Total Cover range of Aero Color inks contain a special pigmentation to give the inks total coverage over existing designs and on dark surfaces.

Colour chart showing the mixing capabilities using just 9 Schmincke Aero Color inks

The inks dry waterproof with a satin finish. They are available in a 28 ml bottle with an easy-to-use applicator which is great for dispensing ink into a palette or for direct application to paper for interesting effects. The dropper is also helpful for mixing colour ratios as the correct amount can be dispensed by counting drops.

With Aero Color inks it is possible to mimic popular watercolour techniques, including wet-in-wet painting and glazing techniques where the colors are diluted with water. You can also even try working with the inks alongside Schmincke watercolours – combining waterproof and non-waterproof media.


    1. Hi Lynne

      Thanks for your message. You can work with Aero Color on metal, though it’s recommended to use a primer like Schmincke Aero Grund to improve adhesion. One should be sure to first remove all traces of finger-oil using rubbing alcohol. We stock Aero Grund and it’s R216.10 for 125 ml.

      They come individually, and the prices vary by colour. The classic Aero Color inks ( vary in price from R122.40 to R325.70. The more opaque Total Cover inks ( are R133.10 each.

      Warm regards and have a lovely day

  1. Hi… I am looking for a selection of Windsor & Newton water soluble ink. Can you possibly help ?

    Graeme comrie
    083 795 8452

    1. Hi Graeme

      We stock the Winsor and Newton drawing inks that are water miscible. They are currently not online but you can send us a mail on and we will be happy to send you some pictures and prices of what we have available. 🙂

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