On the 10th of June, we had the pleasure of welcoming Madeline, the head art teacher and Nerina from El Shaddai Christian School, and their group of 14 talented senior art students aged 15 to 18, to The Deckle Edge. Their day began with an inspiring visit to an artist in Woodstock Sepideh Mehraban, followed by an exciting tour and creative session at our store.

Exploring New Horizons in Art Supplies

The students at El Shaddai Christian School have a keen interest in various art forms, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and design. However, their exposure to a diverse range of art supplies has been limited. This visit was an excellent opportunity for them to explore the vast array of materials we offer and discover new methods and techniques to enhance their artistic skills.

A Warm Welcome and Educational Tour

Edlyn, one of our knowledgeable team members, guided the group around the store, providing valuable insights into the world of art supplies. She explained the differences between student-quality and artist-quality materials, shared tips and tricks for maintaining brushes, discussed the importance of varnish and how long to wait before varnishing an oil painting. Edlyn also highlighted the best value-for-money supplies, ensuring that the students could make informed choices for their future projects.

Engaging in the Watercolour Paint To Win Competition

The highlight of the visit was the students’ participation in our Watercolour Paint To Win Competition. Using the high-quality art supplies provided by The Deckle Edge, the students immersed themselves in the creative process, producing beautiful and imaginative artworks. One student even remarked that this was the best school outing she had ever experienced, a testament to the enriching and enjoyable nature of the visit.

Shopping and Inspiration

In addition to the tour and competition, students and the teachers took the opportunity to shop from our extensive range of art and stationery supplies. The exposure to such a wide variety of materials inspired them to experiment with new media and techniques, broadening their artistic horizons.

A Memorable Experience

We were delighted to host Madeline, Nerina and their students, and we hope that their visit to The Deckle Edge will leave a lasting impression on their artistic journeys. By providing them with access to high-quality art supplies and valuable knowledge, we aim to inspire and nurture the next generation of artists.

Thank you, El Shaddai Christian School, for spending a part of your day with us. We look forward to seeing the incredible artworks that your students will create in the future!

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