This week we are looking at Sharpie Fabric markers, which are awesome to use on all sorts of fabric – from t-shirts and hats to tote bags and shoes. Bring your creativity to life on wearable items that are one of a kind! These markers are specially formulated to give you bright and bold colours that resist fading even after washing. The brush tip enables you to write thick and thin – which is great for fine details and also colouring in larger areas. View them now in our online shop.

Here’s how you can create a customised pair of sneakers:

STEP 1: using a pencil sketch on the outlines of your design (or don't and just go wild and free hand!)

STEP 1: Using a pencil, sketch the outlines of your design (or don’t – and just go wild and free hand!)


STEP 2: using your Sharpie Fabric Markers start colouring in.

STEP 2: Using your Sharpie Fabric Markers, start colouring in.


Continue adding details to your shoes, such as outlines or experiment with mixing and layering colours.

Continue adding details to your shoes, such as outlines – or experiment with mixing and layering colours.


Ta-da! Admire your very own, customised, one-of-a-kind shoes.

Ta-da! Admire your very own, customised, one-of-a-kind shoes.

Another idea is to experiment using a “tie dye” technique in which you apply Isopropyl alcohol onto the fabric, which makes the colours bleed into each other. This technique can be done using normal Sharpie permanent markers. Check out a tutorial on how to do that here: Tie Dye Shoes with Sharpies


  1. virginia clarkeReply

    You can write on any surface with Sharpie Markers.
    The tip of Sharpie Markers is always sharp.
    Entry for Sharpie Markers COMPETITION

  2. DonniqueReply

    Absolutely love the range of colours and the freedom of creativity you have with these markers.. Provides a much more precision finish than fabric paints do =D

  3. JadeReply

    Because a little bit of colour goes a long long way!!!! Sharpies are perfect for any and every project!

  4. LizéReply

    Love the vivid colours that don’t fade. Also a bonus to be able to write on anything. I do love Sharpies. 🙂

  5. GillReply

    Oh my word, does it get any better with Sharpies! I use my pens all the time for my art and coloring in, now I will have to start on my tackies I see. What did we do in this world before Sharpies!

  6. Leanne SmookReply

    Sharpies are amazing – they write beautifully and the colours are vibrant. I particularly like using the gold, silver and copper ones for decorative accents in my work. Tell me though, how do you avoid the black outline bleeding into the coloured bits? (I noticed the yellow star’s outline went a bit fuzzy on one of your shoes.) Is there a way to stop this or is it unavoidable really?

  7. Francesca VerveckkenReply

    Sharpies are the best when it comes to adding that extra fine detail with a pop of colour to any project. I work quite a bit with fabric material, and I feel these provide a better and neater finish than fabric paint itself. They neaten those doodles that my paintbrush doesn’t 😉 Sharpies for the win!

  8. RushdaReply

    By using differant techniques in printing, Sharpies will add flexibility in experimenting with prints, design and colour. Being a versitile medium Shapies will add character to any surface. #visualartist #deckleedge

  9. Homarya ShaikReply

    Sharpies really know how to make a mark. Besides that awful pun I love sharpies because not only do they make a mark but you can use them on almost everything, now even fabric 😀 There’s no limits to what you can draw and create and no restrictions on where you can do that, I love sharpies! They can take anything drab and make it fab. 🙂

  10. AnnalizeReply

    I love the vibrant colours of these sharpies! I love that they are so versatile and come in various line thicknesses more though!

  11. El-CharisReply

    Sharpies are super fab because of their versitility! With fabric paints I have to carry and prep a couple of things but Sharpies do the job real quick whilst the inspiration is still fresh??

  12. MichelleReply

    This is so inspiring. An easy and clever way of creating a custom made gift for yourself or someone else. I love the fact that these don’t fade after washing as well as the variety of bright colours which is great!
    These are truly one of those “I’m so glad these exist” products!

  13. RoelienReply

    T-shirt art with Sharpies!
    That’s why I love them – and of course the name is the most adorable name of any pen ever!

    I love them cause they Sharpies xxxx

  14. Carl HuebschReply

    What’s really great about using Sharpies on fabric is that the brush tip allows you to do fine detail without letting the colours bleed like most sponge tip pens or markers.

  15. Johan FunksterReply

    Fabric marker SHARPIES are the Reason ADVENTURE TIME lives on my egg yellow applebottom shoes ?

    Thank you Sharpie King

  16. KemsleyReply

    Absolutely hands down the best markers ever! Love the wide variety of colours. I’m always so inspired to create when using Sharpie. Love the DIY in this post. 🙂

  17. TraciReply

    I am obsessed with sharpies and just bought the glam pack!!!! They are so versatile you can draw on all surfaces with them. We used them to make greeting cards! Draw pictures decorate collectabke toys! I would be completely over the moon if a won this compilation. My daughter and I were just saying how we would love the fabric market so we can decorate some takkies this holidays!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. MohammedReply

    I love sharpies because it’s the easiest way to get my wife out of a bad mood ? always a winner as a gift and she’s absolutely crazy about them

  19. Melany le RouxReply

    I have not had the opportunity as yet to purchase Sharpies…although I have seen and tested….would love to though to have some of my own.

  20. Tariq JacobsReply

    Sharpies has also been the go to markers for fabric and any surface art tools.
    With Sharpies Fabric Markers I’ll be able to instantly put my designs on tshirts any place any time. Even customize my nephew and nieces bags or shoes with their favorite characters. It’s great for spicying up any fabric item!

  21. Sune de bruynReply

    Unlimited possibilities & unlimited fun with Sharpies! Such a great idea to customise your own sneakers or tote bags! Reallly coool! Would love to amp up my white sneakers with Sharpies. 🙂 #sharpies #deckleEdge

  22. Danielle SmithReply

    I love Sharpies because they’re of such high quality, and they’re so versatile. I always have some around our home.

  23. Erinda EsterhuizenReply

    I Love LOVE Love The Sharpie Fabric Markers For creative art projects and shoe Decorations this is Amazing
    I LOVE Sharpie Fine Markers Amazing Products
    Best Quality and a wide Variety Range
    For hours of FUN

  24. Allison BrennanReply

    sharpies are great. I love sharpies because you can use them for many arty purposes, from the normal pen to paper all the way to beautiful watercolor dying on every day white lilen. It allows the imagination and the mind to explore various mediums in which you can use to create a variety of artistic pieces. The sharpy allows the imagination to run wild and let it create.

    Imagination is Sharpies

    Entry for sharpies competition

  25. JanineReply

    I invested in the ‘regular’ Sharpies a couple of years ago because I’d seen it demonstrated at Hobby-X. They’re still going strong,
    and though I don’t always like sharing (lol), my kids enjoy them too. They’re durable and fun to work with. I haven’t tried the
    fabric markers – they must be so amazing, how can’t they be :-). They’d definitely provide hours of fun for the family.
    thank you for an amazing blog and product.
    – J9

  26. HelenReply

    I LOVE the wildness of SHARPIES! It’s as though they have a mind of their own once you pick them up – I never know where their genius will lead me 🙂

  27. ShameelaReply

    Sharpies? Sharpies? Sharpies? My Love Affair!?They add rainbows to my life in every way possible!
    Simply can’t imagine life without them?

  28. Francis PretoriusReply

    Sharpie Markers remain my all time favourite markers because they write on literally any surface with an unparalleled brilliance.

  29. Stephani CilliéReply

    Sharpies are just perfect for all my diy projects! I just love the way the beautiful colours transfer onto fabric!

  30. Naledi RampheleReply

    I love Sharpie markers because they allow me to create worlds as colourful as the one I experience every single day.

  31. RoseReply

    I know i love sharpies because I wouldn’t be able to live without them. Sharpie markers makes me a better person ❤️

  32. KirstenReply

    I think Sharpies are great because they are the writing utensil of choice on the international space station . According to an astronaut who was station on the ISS “you can hold it any which way and it still works” which isn’t bad for something that was invented 160 years ago 🙂

  33. YumnaReply

    Sharpies are the best! Lasts really long, stays sharp and it’s an excellent marker. I use them to mark everything.

  34. KristanReply

    I used Sharpie to draw all my brother’s wedding stationery! It was so much fun, but now they’re all dried up, and I would love to do stationery for my own wedding happening soon! Please help me replenish my collection!

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