The Iconic BiC Crystal Ballpoint Pen

At The Deckle Edge, we love pens. Our pen range includes fineliners, rollerballs, ballpoints, fountain pens, brush pens, gel pens and technical pens – and we adore them all – but the humble yet mighty BiC Crystal Ballpoint Pen deserves a special mention. It’s the world’s top-selling pen, with over 100 billion sold to date […]

How to create a Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has become hugely popular recently – and for good reason. It’s a fun and creative way to create a tailor-made format for keeping yourself organised. From daily tasks, to-do lists, and monthly planners to goals, habit trackers and dreams for the future, the bullet journal is for anyone and everyone. A bullet journal […]

All about Erasers

Erasers may seem like a pretty standard thing to have in any stationery collection, but there are actually many different types of erasers – each with their own unique qualities. In this blog post we’ll be telling you about a few different sorts of erasers and the best way to use them!         […]

Posca Markers

Posca Markers

Posca markers are acrylic paint-based marker pens that can be used on all sorts of surfaces and for a variety of projects. The paint is non-toxic, opaque, lightfast, water-resistant when dry and doesn’t bleed through paper. They can be used to create bright, vibrant designs on almost anything –  paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, plastic, glass, […]