We are now stocking a select range of Tamiya modelling products at The Deckle Edge! Known for their exceptional quality and precision, Tamiya products are a favourite among hobbyists and professionals alike. Here’s a closer look at some of the exciting new items you can find in our store:

Thin Masking Tapes

Tamiya’s thin masking tapes are perfect for achieving precise paint lines on your models. Available in various widths, these tapes adhere well to surfaces without leaving any residue or damaging the underlying paint. They are essential for detailed work, allowing you to create clean and accurate edges.

Masking Tape with Plastic Sheeting

This innovative product combines Tamiya’s high-quality masking tape with a plastic sheeting, making it ideal for protecting large areas from overspray. The plastic sheeting unfolds to cover a wide area, while the masking tape provides a secure, clean edge, simplifying your painting process.

Curving Masking Tapes

For those tricky curved surfaces and intricate designs, Tamiya’s curving masking tapes are a game-changer. These flexible tapes can bend and curve without wrinkling, ensuring a smooth and precise paint line on complex shapes. They are perfect for adding those final touches to your model.

Putties & Clay

Tamiya offers a range of putties ideal for filling gaps, seams, and imperfections in your model kits. Easy to apply, sand, and shape, these putties provide a smooth finish that can be painted over. They come in different formulations to suit various modeling needs, ensuring your model looks flawless.

Sanding Blocks

Achieve a perfectly smooth surface with Tamiya’s sanding blocks. Available in various grits, these durable blocks are perfect for both coarse and fine sanding. Their comfortable grip makes precision work easier, helping you prepare surfaces for painting and detailing.


Mixing paints is a breeze with Tamiya’s durable plastic palettes. Featuring multiple wells for mixing different colours, these palettes have a smooth surface that’s easy to clean and resistant to the solvents used in model paints. They are an essential tool for any painter.

Plastic Scriber

Tamiya’s plastic scriber is designed for creating fine panel lines and details on plastic models. This tool allows you to add intricate details or modify existing lines with precision, enhancing the overall realism of your models.

We invite you to visit The Deckle Edge and explore these top-quality Tamiya products. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a hobbyist, these tools and supplies will help elevate your modelling projects to the next level. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist you in finding the perfect products for your needs.

Triangular Cotton Swabs

Tamiya’s triangular cotton swabs are perfect for reaching those tight corners and small details on your models. The unique triangular shape allows for precision cleaning and application of paint or glue in hard-to-reach areas. They are a versatile addition to your modelling toolkit.

Happy modelling!

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