At The Deckle Edge, we love pens. Our pen range includes fineliners, rollerballs, ballpoints, fountain pens, brush pens, gel pens and technical pens – and we adore them all – but the humble yet mighty BiC Crystal Ballpoint Pen deserves a special mention.

  • It’s the world’s top-selling pen, with over 100 billion sold to date
  • It’s been in production since 1950
  • Its hexagonal barrel takes its shape from a typical wooden pencil, making it easy to grip while writing
  • It has enough ink to write for over two kilometres
  • The design of the BiC Crystal has earned it a place in New York’s Museum of Modern Art
Credit: Themba Mkhangeli @thembamkhangeli

Until the end of May 2021, you can enter the ‘Art Master Africa’ competition with any artwork created with a BiC ballpoint pen, and stand to win prizes worth thousands of US dollars. Entry is open to all Africa and Middle East residents aged 13 years or older. The theme is ‘ENCHANT EVERYDAY LIFE’.

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