Artisan Water Mixable Oil Paint

Here at The Deckle Edge we stock a range of water-mixable oil paints by Winsor and Newton called Artisan. They are just like normal oil paints except they can be mixed with water! This is beneficial as it means you don’t have to use harsh solvents while painting and allows for a safer painting environment.

Water-mixable oil paints are great for those who want to avoid exposure to turpentine and other such solvents, work in schools or colleges where such solvents are prohibited, artists who work in a small and confined space, as well as for those who travel – Artisan oil paints are safe for aeroplane transport. Brushes need only be cleaned with water and soap. These paints are made much in the same way that normal oil paints are made except that the linseed and safflower oil used has been modified so that it will mix and clean up with water. The paint has been made to be as similar to conventional oil paint as possible and uses the same pigments as Winsor and Newton oil colours.

The drying time of water-mixable oil paints is much the same as conventional oil paint – between 2 and 12 days depending on the thickness of the paint and if/what mediums were used. The paint dries in the same way as oil paint does – through a process of oxidation. Artisan oil paints can be mixed with conventional oil paints although it is not necessarily recommended as it reduces the ability of the paint to be mixed with water. The more non-water-mixable oil paint you add, the less water-mixable your paint will become.

There is also a range of Artisan mediums available at The Deckle Edge which allow you to alter the characteristics and working properties of your water-mixable oil paint. There are oils, mediums, varnishes and a paint thinner which will all allow you to achieve a wide range of techniques and finishes.

Watch this video to see Artisan paints in action:


  1. SashaReply

    What is the cost of the water soluble oil paint that you have on your website compared to regular Windsor and Newton series 1 oil paint? Is it much more expensive? What is the cost of the medium that they recommend you use when compared to distilled turps? Is it possible to just use water as a medium?

    Many thanks!

    • AdamReply

      Hi Sasha

      Thank you so much for asking! You can use water as a medium to thin your Water mixable oil paints, however, for more consistent results it is recommended to use a water mixable thinner or water mixable painting mediums.

      We have sent you a mail regarding all the pricing comparisons. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and we will be happy to help.


  2. Anneke Jonker (JSM)Reply

    Please send me the colour range as well as prices on the different tube sizes, you stock on the Winsor & Newton, Artisan, water mixable oil paint,
    and on what mediums to use plus prices.
    Thank you, Anneke

    • AdamReply

      Hi Anneke

      Thank you so much for your message. I am happy to help.
      We only keep the 37ml Tubes of Artisan colours, with the exception of the 200ml Titanium white.

      The colours are priced according to the series of the pigment. You can view them and the mediums on our website here:

      You can see the prices by hovering your mouse over each colour or you can open each colour to see a better description and price.

      I hope this information helps.

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