Did you know Posca markers are excellent for drawing on glass? We had so much fun this week planning our new storefront window display which was done using just a single white Posca marker! We got local artist and member of the Deckle family, Emily Jane Long, to illustrate various art materials, graphic supplies and paper products on the windows.

Poscas are great because they draw on smoothly and consistently and are very opaque. They are also much easier and quicker to work with than a standard brush and pot of paint, as you don’t need to constantly reload your brush (although you may occasionally need to pump the pen tip a few times to keep the paint flowing – especially when working with the pen pointing upwards). The Posca paint comes off the glass fairly easily – just a spritz of window cleaner, or even water – and you’re good to go! Perfect for a temporary design solution. Our top tip: work on the inside of the glass so that the artwork is protected from the elements – the only downside is that you’ll need to write backwards if you want to be able to read the text from the outside! Read our previous blog post about Poscas for more information about them and how to use them.

While we only used a white marker – there are so many colours and sizes to choose from – from 0.7mm fine liners to broad chisel tip markers. You can view and shop the range online here: Posca Markers



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