Trust the brand, love the price

Winsor & Newton is one of the art world’s best-known brands, with a long history of producing high-quality art materials. Winsor & Newton offer a few different oil paint ranges, among them the much-loved Winton range. Winton is an affordable option within Winsor & Newton’s oil paint offerings, and it’s perfect for students, beginners, and artists who want a good balance between quality and cost. Art teachers around the globe have trusted Winton for decades.

Colour without compromise

Winton oil paints are made with fine art pigments – in fact, Winton’s pigment load is higher than many artists’ ranges! It pairs very well with the Winsor & Newton Artists’ oil paints, so your painting can contain areas of both with no problem. It’s an exceptional choice when working at a large scale with some colours within your painting. Wherever possible, the most permanent pigments have been selected to ensure longevity for your artworks.

(Speaking of beautiful artworks, we LOVE this portrait at our Winton shelf in The Deckle Edge, by regular customer and Red & Yellow lecturer Steph Simpson)

So simple!

The Winton range has a more uniform consistency than the Artists’ oil range, and is a slightly stiffer paint. You’ll find it straightforward to work with, even if you’re starting out with oils! Express your creativity, easily!


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