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We mentioned these Zest-it products in our newsletter a few weeks back and we thought we’d go into a bit more depth here about Zest-it Pencil Blend as it’s such a fantastic product and can really change the way you work in pencil crayon.

The Zest-it Pencil blender comes in two different formats – as liquid in a bottle and as a blending sponge. The blending sponge is a fine sponge in a tub that has been saturated with the pencil blender solution, making it easier and more convenient to use. You can top up the sponge with more blending solution, making it reusable. It can be used to blend pencil crayons, wax crayons, graphite and oil pastels.

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How to use the Zest-it Pencil Blender:
Draw with your pencils as you usually would. You can layer colours in the same area, or work with just a single colour at a time. Then using a piece of cotton wool or an earbud, soak up some of the Zest-it Pencil Blender. Gently start to blend your pencil colours by rubbing the cotton wool over the area. For a more uniform finish, work in a circular motion, but if you’re wanting to add some interest and texture you can play around with different motions such as left to right, or even adding dots. You can also use a paintbrush, Tortillion, Chamois or paper blending stump to blend using this solvent. Each of these tools will give a different effect. The cotton wool and Chamois will give a smooth, velvety finish, whereas the blending stump and Tortillion will give you more precision.

You can work on various types of paper and still give smooth results. As you can see in this example below, we have worked on a very rough and textured paper (which gives you more opportunity to layer pencil crayon than a smooth paper would) and once blended using the Zest-it we got a smooth finish. The colours are not only blended seamlessly but they also appear brighter and more saturated.

On the left - unblended pencil crayon on rough paper. On the Right - Pencil blended using Zest-it Pencil Blender.

On the left – unblended pencil crayon on rough paper. On the Right – Pencil blended using Zest-it Pencil Blender.

What makes this pencil blender so awesome, and different to other liquid blenders, is that it is non-toxic and it has a lovely orangey smell. It will also leave no residue in or on your paper. If you’d like to find out more about this product check out the Zest-it website.


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